McDonalds Delivery Is Finally Coming To The UK And Your Life Will Never Be The Same Again

Revolutionising your hangover days one chicken nugget at a time

McDonalds Delivery Is Finally Coming To The UK And Your Life Will Never Be The Same Again

by Jazmin Kopotsha |
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How many times have you had a desperate craving for McDonald's but really not wanted to leave the house in search of those golden arches? Every morning after the night before? Us too. But now it looks like our hungover dreams are one step closer being fulfilled and things will never be the same again.

A McDonald's delivery service might be making its way to the UK, kids. And it’s about time, don’t you think? The service already runs in countries like China and Singapore but now there are plans for the UK, France, Germany, Canada and the US to get a piece of the action too.

The intention is for McDonald's to get in on the global delivery market (which is worth a good 100 billion dollars), reports Financial Times, They're hoping to take their place in the world of digital food service after seeing a huge drop in US restaurant visits over the last five years. And when we say huge, we mean 500 million fewer people have been walking through those magical doors.

Steve Easterbrook, chief executive of McDonald's said in a statement: 'Through enhanced technology to elevate and modernize the customer experience, a focus on the quality and value of our food and redefined convenience through delivery, we have a bold vision for the future and the urgency to act on it’.

Trust us Steve, our stomachs are all feeling that urgency. Apparently, they’re testing delivery with existing services like UberEats over in Florida and based on how well the trial is going, McDonald's intend to roll it out in other key countries like the UK where there are restaurants within three to five miles of three-quarters of the population. Yes, three-quarters. It's totally fine if you need a second to take that in. They're everywhere. But the good thing about that though, is that the likelihood of your food still actually being hot when it gets to you is probably higher than you thought. No one wants a cold mozzarella dipper.

When this is all going to happen, we're not too sure. But the plans all sound promising (albeit, very overdue). For now, we'll just be here on our phones refreshing the app store feed in hope of a little red and yellow icon popping up to save us of the 5-minute walk buy a box of 20 nuggets.

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