How To Make The Pret Christmas Sandwich At Home

Feeling like you need a lot of Christmas themed food in between two slices of bread right now? We know the feeling

How To Make The Pret Christmas Sandwich At Home

by Verity Foss |
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With the festive season fast approaching we asked Bristol sandwich geniuses (genii?) The Gourmet Sandwich Club to have a go at making their own version of the famous Pret Christmas sandwich. Obviously - because they're sandwich winners - they did a sterling job.

Here's how to make it at home yourself...

Pret Christmas Sandwich

  1. Lay the foundation of the sandwich with crusty brown, wholemeal sourdough bread. Then, spread a generous layer of GSC's signature ale mayonnaise (get some mayo, sprinkle with pepper and add a splash of ale) to the bottom of the sourdough slice. On top of this, add a handful of baby spinach to add a fresh crunch to the sandwich. Cook turkey breast slowly in the oven, shred and layer generously on top of the spinach.

  1. Next, you need to make the pancetta and crispy shallots. We fried off some thinly sliced pancetta until crunchy, then smashed it up into little pieces and mixed with the crispy shallots to create the perfect topping.

  1. Next, make yourself a homemade pork and apple stuffing by mixing pork mince, apple sauce, real bread crumbs, sage and salt and pepper and baking until cooked. Sautée it in a splash of the flavoursome fat left over from the pancetta to give it that extra dimension of flavour. Sprinkle the pancetta and crispy shallots generously over the stuffing to create a small mountain of oniony, salty, bacony goodness.

  1. Finally, spread a thick layer of Waitrose cranberry sauce mixed with a splash of port to the top slice of the sourdough and squeeze it all down.

Thank you to Pret for laying down the foundations of this festive sandwich. Now to tuck in...

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Verity works for The Gourmet Sandwich Club - check them out here.

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