How To Make Five Different Chocolatey Cocktails This Easter Weekend

Five different friends with five different tastes? No problemo


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Welcome back to One Drink Five Ways, our very excellent series on how to make a whole bunch of different cocktails with one ace thing in common. This week, since it's Easter, we've got five different chocolatey cocktails for you to make and they're guaranteed to make even the pickiest of your friends happy.


1 Drink 5 Ways - Chocolate

The Fun One - Chocolate Gin Swizzle
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Fun to drink and say. Despite the dominating cinnamon and chocolate flavours, the lime in a Chocolate Gin Swizzle makes it surprisingly refreshing. Have some fun with the garnish by scrapping flecks of your favourite milk chocolate over the top, or save some time and use the parmesan bit of your cheese grater.

50ml Bombay Sapphire
Juice of one lime
20ml cinnamon syrup

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The Beachy One - Bounty
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Yes, it's got melted chocolate and extra sugar, but when the coconut rum in this cocktail hits your taste buds you'll feel like you're on one of those fancy beach beds in a sunny place far away. Anyone mourning 2014's coconut water/milk/coffee/oil trend will bloody love this indulgent, inventive cocktail.

30ml dark chocolate
30ml Bacardi Superior Rum
15ml coconut liqueur
Cubed ice
Dry coconut flakes (garnish)

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The Old School One - Rum & Raisin
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Old School because it's got a dash of your Nan's favourite, sherry, and because rum and raisin is one of those timeless flavour combos you know you can trust. OK, so the cocktail doesn't actually have any raisins in it, but just do what we did; make a boat out of orange peel for a handful of the little things and let it sail around on top of your drink. Like a pirate-y garnish. We feel really good about that tip.

30ml dark melted dark chocolate
30ml Bacardi Oakheart rum
20ml Sherry
Cubed ice & Dry raisin (garnish)
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The Very Cherry One - Mon Cherry
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You've got your cherry brandy, you've got your vodka and then there's melted chocolateu2026yep, this one's a winner. Once you've made the cocktail put a handful of ice cubes in a tea towel and smash them with a rolling pin, then add the crushed ice to the top of your drink (purely for Instagram reasons, in reality crushed ice tastes like a mouthful of sharp air).

30ml of milk chocolate
30ml of Grey Goose Vodka orange
20ml Cherry Marnier Liqueur
Cubed ice
Red cherry (garnish)

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The Romantic One - Valentino
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This guy looks like something that could be enjoyed in a hot bubble bath or alongside Monday night's Eastenders. You'll need white chocolate and fresh strawberries for this one, so stay the bloody hell away if 2015 is meant to be the year you kick your sugar habit.

30ml of white chocolate
30ml Grey Goose vodka
u25a120ml strawberry liqueur
A dash of vanilla essence
Cubed ice
Fresh strawberry (garnish)

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Take a whole bunch of chocolate...
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It's Easter kids and you know what that means.... chocolate! The one thing that makes chocolate better though? Alcohol. Here's how to make some great chocolate cocktails to get you through this weekend.

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