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How To Host A Grown-Up Barbecue

There's nothing like tentatively dabbing the fresh ketchup stain on your white linen dress in your friend's back garden. Nothing beats pretending to be comfortable perched on the edge of a flower bed when all other seating options, even the heavy dining room chairs that were ceremoniously dragged from inside, are taken in the first ten minutes. There isn't anything quite as rousing as the smell of charred, smokey meat wafting through the summer air...

Yep, it's peak time for the great British BBQ and your diary is about to be heavily booked up with them. While the whole process would be wildly inconvenient in any other circumstances (did you miss the bit about the ketchup stain?) this might just be the only year that you won't have to take the party indoors to shelter from the usual rain interruption. So, it's time to get good at them.

The rules don't stray too far from general party hosting - plan ahead, don't run out and make sure there's enough space for everyone - but with a few extra considerations, you might just look forward to the Saturday afternoon when it's you turn to fire up the grill.

We've merged the fun, the practical and the plain old essentials to bring you the Grazia Guide to hosting a grown-up barbecue to be proud of. No disposable coal trays here, though. We're talking legitimate, bona fide, Instagram-able garden party vibes. Read through to find out how to pull it off without a (heatwave induced) sweat.

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