The Hogwarts Christmas Dinner Is An Actual Thing You Can Do

If you got tickets that is. Which you probably didn't.

The Hogwarts Christmas Dinner Is An Actual Thing You Can Do

by Chemmie Squier |
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Okay, it *was *something you could do at the Harry Potter Studio Tour , until some crazy people went ahead and bought ALL the £230 tickets and made it sold out. I feel a petition come on… Who's with me?

Sure, they might release some more tickets, but whilst we wait to find out, here's all the things we would have experienced if we'd actually got tickets. Which we haven't. No tickets. Nada.

On arrival

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You'll be greeted with drinks and canapés as you arrive into the Great Hall. Which, by the way, will be decorated with original props from *Harry Potter and the * Philosopher's Stone.

At Your Table

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You'll eat your first two courses here and you'll get a wand. Yes, a bloody wand so that's great.

After Dinner

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You can explore! Sets like the Gryffindor common room and The Burrow will be all winter-fied. You can even have your pudding (you have a selection of three) as you chill on Platform 9 3/4.

So yeah, that's what it would be like if you'd spent £230 (seriously) and bagged a ticket. For all the information on the Christmas dinner you'll probably never attend, check out the official event page.

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