A Handy Guide That Doesn’t Suck On How To Give Up Booze For Dry January

No boozing for a whole month? It is possible. And you can still go out

A Handy Guide That Doesn't Suck On How To Give Up Booze For Stoptober

by Kirsten Crothers |
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It's that time again, Dry January is upon is - and if you drink on the regular, it might be a daunting thouught. The problem is that what with alcohol being such a huge part of our culture and social life, it’s become a routine habit for many people. Most of us would find it super difficult to give it up for a month, all the while arguing that we aren’t ‘dependent’ on it.

Here are a few hints and tips to help you through the next month...

Plan Plan Plan

How many places do you go to regularly, that you actually need to be wasted to enjoy? It sounds stupid, but I bet you can think of several. So this said, why not check out new venues or plan alternative nights out to prevent your boredom. For those living in London, check out Barchick for great suggestions as to where to go on a t-total night out.

Treat Yourself For Good Behaviour

How much money do you spend each week on alcohol? It’s deffos not cheap. Totalling this up will be a somewhat painful task, but just do it! Times the figure you get by 4 and plan to spend this on a treat for yourself at the end of the month. This will help with motivation through the month and give you something to focus on when you may be tempted to give in.

Netflix And Chill (Pill)

No, I am not advocating taking drugs instead of alcohol. I am merely pointing out how relaxed alcohol can make you feel (sorry if you got excited there). In order to give something up, we must first find a replacement which gives us the same feeling. So run yourself a bath with lavender oil, read a good book or treat yourself to a massage.

Food Glorious Food

If your social plan is just drinks/night out, then the emphasis is on drinking and it becomes immediately more difficult to stick to your t-total plan. Instead, plan to meet friends at a new restaurant for food. That way you can relax more in a social environment where you’re not becoming increasingly aware of your soberness.

Get Back Your Virginity

Really? No, sorry! Not even I can’t promise you that one. However, what I can promise you is how damn good virgin cocktails are. Instead of being out for drinks and having to order ‘Diet Coke please,’ while thinking ‘how much of this fucking stuff can I drink?’ You can have a more interesting alternative. Often bartenders will make you any cocktail without alcohol if you ask them, so no need to feel left out.

Weigh Yourself

It’s no secret: alcohol = weight gain. This is due to it increasing hunger (that explains those kebabs), increasing the rate at which you lay down fat and the huge amount of calories that it contains (more than carbs). So as a little motivation boost, to those of you trying to lose weight, check it once a week.

Get Something Fun In Your Fridge

Unless you think that different variations of squash and water will replace your glass of wine/beer at night then you better get shopping for some ‘adult soft drinks’ (fancy). Bottlegreen, Fentimans and John Crabbie all do a great range of tasty drinks. Don’t forget you can also get non-alcoholic wines and beers which aren’t actually too bad these days (honestly).

Tactical Nap Time

How sociable are you come 9pm on a Friday? Not very? Unless a) you have the best job in the world (we hate you) or b) you’re drunk. This is due to tiredness. So get home and take a tactical nap. You may be interested to know that alcohol actually stops your body from resting properly during sleep, and so without it you’ll feel a lot more energised.

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