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Got A Bad Bottle Of Wine? Save It With A 1p Coin

by Lauren Smith |
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I’m at the stage of the festive party season where the thought of necking another bottle of wine makes me feel a bit gouty and sick. Seriously, how did Henry VIII handle it? It’s only 8 December and I’m already in need of a juice cleanse/pre-tox/detox or whatever it is healthy people do. Or maybe I’m just at the wrong end of my twenties and just too tired for this shit.

But if you’re still very much up for drinking all the booze right up until New Year’s Eve, the internet has a wonderful life hack that’s actually useful, and way better than those really shit ones about storing your tampons in an eggbox, or using the lid of your deodorant can as an eggcup.

If you have a bottle of wine, have cracked it open and it smells a bit off, don’t blame the fact you rescued it from the 2 bottles for £5 bin at your local corner shop. Grab a 1p coin, give it a ‘good wash’, drop it in your glass and stir it around for a few minutes.

Apparently, after that, you’ll be able to drink the wine without the gross smell.

The odour occurs because some winemaking processes restrict the wine’s contact with oxygen while it’s being fermented – which leads to the creation of smelly suphur molecules. The coin neutralises the smell.

Now I haven’t tried this hack myself, because it’s 11.13am and my boss won’t let me drink in the name of research. But there’s a video below showing you how it all works. Watch and learn.

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