Five Big Restaurant Openings To Name Drop In 2015

Even If Your Budget Is More Maccy Ds Than Michelin Star


by Katy Salter |

2014 was a big year for restaurant openings, especially in London. Just as we’ve caught our breath and managed to tick a few of them off the list, we find out that 2015 is going to be just as busy – with fancy openings planned for London, Manchester and Leeds. Our bank accounts can barely cope with news of world-class steakhouses, a cutting-edge Spanish restaurant and an ultra-bling Russian dining palace. These are the places to name drop for some foodie cred in 2015, even if your budget is actually more Maccy Ds than Michelin star. Although, if someone else is paying…

Sky Garden, London

The hideous Walkie Talkie building in the City now has a swanky rooftop restaurant with gardens and amazing views of the city and Shard (far better to be inside looking out than the other way round, we reckon). It’s divided into four parts – the gardens (think palm trees under glass – like a teeny Eden Project), a seafood bar and grill, a brasserie and the Sky Pod Bar. The latter is serving hot cocktails plus cashmere blankets to keep you toasty this winter, and promises deckchairs and ice cream pop-ups come summer.

StreetXO, London

The Spanish are killing it when it comes to restaurant awards and cutting-edge cheffy food. London gets a taste of that Iberian greatness in summer 2015 when David Muñoz (who has three Michelin stars for DiverXo in Madrid) opens StreetXo in Mayfair. Apparently, as well as offering a tasting menu, the waiters will wheel a cart through the restaurant offering one-off plates of culinary genius. Expect food bloggers to go into meltdown.

Hawksmoor, Manchester

Lucky Mancunians – Hawksmoor has chosen your city for its first steakhouse outside of London. If you’re new to Hawksmoor, all you need to know is a) it serves arguably the juiciest grass-fed steaks in the land and b) don’t take your vegan pals there. Other Hawksmoor cult favourites to hopefully make the trip up the M1 include its cheeseburger with kimchi, lobster rolls and beef-dripping fries.

Biblioteka, London

An unashamedly bling restaurant from the owner of Bob Bob Ricard (which gave the world Champagne buttons). Leonid Shutov is spending £15m on this cavernous Mayfair site, which will serve English and Russian delicacies (including King Crab and LOTS of caviar), seat 250 diners and have a vintage Champagne bar. Our wallets are panicking already.

New D&D restaurant, Glasgow

D&D are the safe hands of London dining. Des Gunewardena and David Loewi run classics like Quaglino's and Le Pont de la Tour (basically where we go if visiting parents/the boss are paying). They already own a couple of restaurants in Leeds and are opening a swanky new restaurant in Glasgow later in the year. So far, we know it is in the Buchanan Galleries development and will have a roof terrace looking out over the city.

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