Fairy Bread Is A Thing On The Internet And It Looks Pretty Gross

Got a shitty white loaf? Why not put some sprinkles on it?!

Fairy Bread Is A Thing On The Internet And It Looks Pretty Gross

by Eve Simmons |
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Ah, the internet. That brilliant, black hole of ridiculousness which, despite popular ‘turning us into vegetables’ opinion, never fails to invent something exceptional for us to drunkenly talk about with random strangers in pub toilets. When it’s not inventing disgustingly inappropriate Kanye emojis (we’re looking at you www.kanyefinger.com), it’s poking (lol) fun at Kanye West’s school-boy insults or helping Kanye West decide what to call his new album - check Kim K’s Twitter poll…

For the few, fleeting moments in the Twittersphere when Kanye isn’t trending, somehow, the 15-year-old, fluorescent fairies seem to steal Ye’s thunder. Every. Time.

The latest lot of candy-coloured happiness to bombard your instagram feed and swipe Kanye from all hot searches, is the magical, mysterious foodstuffs of Fairy Bread. Probably stumbled upon in the dark, spiritual forest of a tween's bedroom, this ‘kooky’ trend consists of two rare and very precious features - white bread and cake sprinkles.

According to Munchies, fairy bread originated in Australia as a way of treating children to something sweet at tea-time. Maybe they ran out of Bourbons. Apparently, fairy bread to Australian kids is what jelly and ice cream is to us and the weird delicacy is served up at children’s parties along with pass-the-parcel.

The rainbow food fad has somehow made it’s may across the world and according to Instagram and Pinterest, it’s now very much a thing. Seriously, people are mad for it. Is it just us or does the bread look kind of shit? At least it’s cheap, I guess…

So there’s a life lesson for you. When things get stale, soapy and maybe just a liddddle bit moldy, just cover it in shit loads of sprinkles.

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