This Facebook Group Where People Rate Your Meal Deal Is The Best British Thing Ever

Meal Deal Talk is the secret club on Facebook where people post pictures of their meal deal choices. And it's unexpectedly brutal.

This Facebook Group Where People Rate Your Meal Deal Is The Best British Thing Ever

by Jess Commons |
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There's not much stuff we take too seriously here in Britain. We're the kings and queens of self-deprecation.

The things we do choose to care about though, we take very seriously indeed. Things like the weather. Public transport. The right components to a cup of perfectly brewed tea. Oh, and meal deals. We take meal deals very seriously.

In case you're the sort of person that is together enough to bring your lunch in from home every day (in which case, bugger off) then a meal deal is something that supermarkets do to get you to purchase their slightly ill looking sandwiches. Without the meal deal, that ham and pickle on white with a packet of Monster Munch could cost upwards of £4. But with the meal deal, you're looking at somewhere around the £3-3.50 mark. And you get a drink. What a time to be alive.

Now, some enterprising young people on Facebook have started a closed group which allows users to rate each others' meal deals. You have to request to join but, once you're approved, it's a veritable feast of abject Britishness and comedy gold.

Take this guy for instance, who decided to go posh with his M&S chicken and avocado sandwich, carrot sticks with reduced fat houmous and a vanilla bean and maple syrup smoothie. He got a lot of flack.


'You are a disgrace, Someone ban this Tory.' said one person. 'I didn't realise people actually ate avocado, I thought it was a trendy ornament for the bourgeoise to decorate their kitchens with.' Said another.

At the other end of the spectrum was this guy's super basic choice.

'You better have some serious allergies to justify this bland crock of shite' Said one commenter whilst another went down the 'The "oh, I like all music really" starter pack' route.

This guy though, seemed to have nailed it.

'I went for the highest priced option instead today. This is £5.40 worth for £3.' He explained. Commenters appreciated his thriftyness. 'I cried. This meal deal is a piece of art. Considering printing and framing it tbh. 10/10.' And; 'There's some balls to this meal, unconventional but great choices all round 9/10' Said another.

So, do you dare get your Meal Deal rated? Try it out over at


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