Drinking Too Much Prosecco Could Leave Us All With Rotting Teeth

Let's just ignore this news, shall we?

Drinking Too Much Prosecco Could Leave Us All With Rotting Teeth

by Florence Ogram |
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Sorry for the bad Tuesday news people, but Britain’s beloved drink, prosecco, is the most recent refreshment to come under scrutiny.

Dentists have warned the nation of the devastating lasting effect the acidic drink could have on our teeth. As a result of the drink’s high sugar content, experts claim it could leave people toothless gasp, naming the terrifying result ‘prosecco smile’. According to Dr Mervyn Druian, of the London Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry, ‘the signs of prosecco smile are where the teeth come out of the gum. It starts with a white line just below the gum, which if you probe it is a little bit soft, and that is the beginning of tooth decay which can lead to fillings and dental work.’

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Results have shown that women are more inclined to a glass of bubbly over men, making the dentist’s warnings aimed particularly towards us sweet-toothed females. Dr Meryn Druian goes on to say ‘women especially enjoy prosecco but unlike wine, it is very easy to just keep sipping without noticing’. Honestly, there is some truth to this. One minute you’re having a civilised drink with your pals, and the next, you’ve gone through two bottles of the sparkling wine, without thought.

It doesn’t help (our teeth) that the beverage, in recent years, has become a hell of a lot cheaper! With budget supermarkets, like Aldi and Lidl selling it for under £5.00! No wonder we’re getting told off by our dentists…

But let’s not let it stop us enjoy a few glasses of prosecco every now and then -maybe we just need to make those trips to the dentist a little more regular...

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