A Doughnut And Bagel Hybrid Now Exists And We’re Conflicted

Wave goodbye to your doughnut and bagel dilemmas with the 'Everything Doughnut'

A Doughnut And Bagel Hybrid Now Exists And We're Confused

by Alyss Bowen |
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Cronuts are a thing, then rainbow bagels came our way so obviously something else had to give and we needed a new doughnut hybrid in our lives. Introducing the ‘Everything Doughnut.’ A combination of a doughnut and a bagel (is it just us who’s confused by the combo?), New York bagel shop, The Doughnut Project, coined the idea for customers who couldn’t decide between a bagel or a doughnut.

It’s made from traditional doughnut yeast, topped with a cream cheese glaze and sprinkled with black seasame seeds, garlic, pepitas, poppy seeds and salt. We’re not convinced but if we’re ever in NYC we’ll be sure to check it out, and by check we mean taste.

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