This Revelation About Domino’s Garlic And Herb Dip Is A Bit Of A Reality Check

How much do we really know about what's in our food?

This Revelation About Domino's Garlic And Herb Dip Is A Bit Of A Reality Check

by Jazmin Kopotsha |
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There are some situations that literally cry out for a takeaway. Specifically, a large pizza with extra cheese delivered to your door within the hour. There are some days that the supermarket oven cook pizza you bought to try and save money just won’t do. Some days, you just really need a Domino’s.

Now, we’re all intelligent adults here. We know that demolishing a pizza every night isn’t exactly ‘good for you’. Sadly, a sprinkle of sweetcorn on top of your pepperoni probably doesn’t do all that much for your quest to finally get your five a day. But it’s totally fine because all in moderation is the mantra, right? We consider a plate of doughy, tomatoey goodness as a treat rather than a diet plan and we’ve totally got this.

That said, though, how much attention are we paying to condiments? Do we even really acknowledge that innocent tub of dip submerged into the lid of our delivery boxes? I don’t know about you, but I barely bat an eyelid at ordering three extra tubs of dip to go with my Tandoori Hot and every time being a little disappointed that my pizza to dip ratio is still a little off. But turns out that we should probably make ourselves more aware of what’s in those little pots of joy. Nutrition isn’t on our side here.

You know The Big Dip? The 100g pop of creamy garlic and herb sauce you order because, lol, those single serving ones aren’t enough? Well, they contain 675 calories. Six. Hundred. And Seventy. Five. You see, we’re not about calorie shaming and all that counterproductive counting we’ve all been guilty of trying way back when here on The Debrief. Eat and let eat and send us a slice while you’re at it. But fuck me, you’d be lying if this realisation didn’t hit you like a ton of blue and red cardboard delivery boxes.

‘Our Garlic & Herb Big Dip is great for sharing with family and friends, and we recommend each party size should serve at least four people. Single size pots are also available at 169 cals each’, said Abbey Everett, spokesperson for Domino’s. ‘One serving of the dip, plus three slices of our new Mexican Fiesta pizza, which is less than 150 cals per slice, is a total of just over 600 cals, about the same as a cheese and pickle baguette.’

And sure, that may be the case but hands up if you’ve never even considered that the big tubs are meant to feed more than, erm, you. Yeah, me too. It only goes to support the thought that we either don’t know enough about what we’re eating, or don’t care as much as we probably should.

Ready for some more maths? That 100g tub of dip is calorie equivalent of just less than three large slices of Pepperoni Passion, three and a half slices of Texas BBQ and just less than three slices of the mighty Meateor. Madness, isn’t it?

‘We’re committed to providing transparent nutritional information on our website and via our app, to enable customers to make informed decisions’, Domino’s added.

I wouldn’t dare say anyone give up the garlic and herb. Trust me, I have experienced and fully understand the fierce loyalty to the cause. I’m with ya, pal. But it might interest you to know that Domino’s other Big Dips, BBQ and FRANK’S RedHot, contain 188 and 24 calories respectively. I know, annoying ain’t it. But it is important to know these things, even if it does make you pause for a second longer than usual before going ahead and ordering the four-person tub out of hungover desperation.

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