The Best Dinner Party Hacks Pinterest Has To Offer

Totally forgot you've invited a bunch of your uni mates over for dinner tomorrow? We've got it covered with the best dinner party hacks the interweb has to offer

Dinner party hacks for when you have very little time

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1. Decorate: Got any old postcards or photos lying around?


This is seriously easy but super effective. Find some old photos/ cards/ postcards and place individually on each plate. Your guests will be like 'OMG you're so kooky!' (Also a great way of finally decluttering that crammed drawer full of old thank-you cards.) Source: Ido Dreams

2. Decorate: Think colourful centrepiece

This is not the time to channel your minimal chic. Find some colourful material (dishcloth? mini rug? scarf?), get all your best houseplants and mini cacti, place a few tea lights in your old peanut butter jar and Bob's your uncle. A seriously pretty and eye-catching centrepiece that will distract from the Tesco's Finest. Source: 100 Layer Cake

3. Decorate: go to your nearest sweet shop (and sort dessert too)

OK OK like us, napkins (and place names) are not high priority on your dinner party to do list BUT how genius an idea is this? Buy some dolly beads and wrap around a bunch of napkins. Pretty to look at and edible. Name tags optional. Source: La Mariee

4. More Decorating: Flowers


This is a Pinterest classic. If you have time, buy some fresh flowers (you can go super cheap) and shove 'em in some old tins, ideally really cool ones you happen to have knocking around at the back of your cupboard. Source: Ashley Ann

5. Drink: Pretend Cocktails!


You could literally put any beverage in a glass and stick a silver cocktail stick in it and everyone will think you're super fancy. Amazon have an excellent selection. Source: The Glitter Guide

6. Eat: Dips from left field bowls


Just realised all your regular mini bowls are scattered around your room and covered in crusty cereal / fag ends / liquid ice-cream? Try a different type of vessel for the obligatory hummus and guac snacks. Terracotta pots anyone? Source: HGTV

7. Eat: Why not start with a bruschetta bar?

This is potentially the easiest 'starter' on the planet. Grab your largest chopping board, open all the cheeses and hams from your local supermarket and place on said board. Artfully lay some rocket leaves around the cheese, add a pot of pesto and any other garnish you could feasibly put on some toast and hey presto, you've got yourself an excellent, if someone what rustic, starter. Source: What's Gaby Cooking

8.Eat: Dessert on a stick

I mean, whoever came up with this idea is an absolute genius and deserves a medal. Bet you've got some long skewers leftover from last years BBQ at the back of your cutlery drawer. Pin a bunch of fun sweets along the skewer for the funnest dessert of all time (and probably the cheapest). Source: A Dose of Serendipity

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