Come To The Debrief And Aperol’s Drinks Night And Let Us Sort Your 2016

In need of a life makeover to see you through the rest of the year? Come and drink Aperol Spritz with us while we figure it out for you

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Struggling to keep this 'new year, new you' rubbish going as 2016 drags on? How's about handing your troubles over to us for an evening and letting us sort you out, all whilst you sip Aperol Spritz in dead fancy surroundings?

This is actually happening. For reals. The nice chaps over at Aperolare doing a series of events called The Aperol Spritz Socials (which all sounds very magical doesn't it?). Anyways one of these Winter Nights events is with us and we've called it 'Make 2016 Awesome' because, well, we're going to teach you how to make 2016 awesome.

So, on February 3rd (which is coincidentally our SECOND BIRTHDAY HIP HIP HOORAY), we're inviting 40 Debrief readers down to the The Hoxton, Shoreditch (IKR, very swanky, wear your Sunday best) to drink cocktails and listen to talks from girls in the know about how to nail this year.


To start with, we've got our uber food blogger Jo Eats London (actually called Joanne Gould because 'Eats London' isn't a last name silly) with her talk Clean Eating’s Out, BBQs Back In: The Need-To-Know Food Trends For 2016 to tell us all about the food that we're going to be eating this year. Is it time you finally stopped banging on about quinoa and gluten free meals and moved on instead to moringa and maqui? Who knows. That's why she's going to tell us.

Next up, we've got super blogger Laura Jane Williams (that's Superlatively Rude to internet folk) with How To Own Social Media In 2016 (Because It Shouldn't Own You!) to give you tips on building your personal brand online (wanky talk like that is no longer a chuckling matter chaps, online presence matters if you want to get ahead) and help you embrace new social media platforms that you might not already be aware of or sure how to use.

Lastly, but by no means least, we've got the excellent beauty blogger Zara Beg (aka Mouldy Fruit) with The 2016 Instagram Beauty Trends You Can Actually Do (And The Ones To Avoid) to fill you in on which beauty trends it's time to ditch (pls say contouring) and which trends everyone's going to be getting into this year so you can get a headstart before the teenage popstars claim them for themselves.

So, how do you get tickets to come on down? We've got 20 pairs of tickets to allocate randomly so, to be in with a chance of attending along with a pal, fill in the form below. We'll let successful applicants know by the end of Friday 29th.

Hope to see you there!

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