Chocolate Sliced Like Cheese Is A Thing

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Chocolate Sliced Like Cheese Is A Thing

by Lauren Smith |
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You know those bright yellow plastic-y cheese slices you get, wrapped in plastic? They may look gross, taste a bit gross, and are definitely made of about 2% cheese, but they are actually quite delicious on top of a greasy burger, or eaten out of the packet when you’re slightly hungover.

Now the internet has gone bananas over Bourbon, a Japan-based company that sells chocolate slices packaged like that cheese. So you can make a chocolate sandwich with handy slices, assumedly. Or wrap it around fruits to make them less healthy, or melt it on top of toast. So many possiblities.

The ‘nama’ chocolate used to make the slices is soft and more intense than milk chocolate and comes in packs of five slices. But we have a few questions about the chocolate in cheese slice form.

Does it taste rubbery, like the cheese? Is it a bit shiny? Does it melt a bit weirdly on things? And can’t we all just use Nutella instead? After all, it’s hardly a non-convenience food.

We’re yet to find out what these mysterious chocolate slices taste like, because we haven’t found anyone that has tried them yet, but the next time we go to Japan, it’s high on our priority list.

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