Cheap Things To Do This Weekend December 12+13

Because Christmas shopping is for numpties

Cheap Things To Do This Weekend December 12+13

by Jess Commons |
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The Films To Watch

Best give Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s new film By The Sea a miss this week. Viewers in the US were less than impressed when it came out there a few months ago. Instead, head to the cinema to see Grandma, starring Lily Tomlin (if you haven’t seen Netflix's *Grace & Frankie, *which she stars in, then you’re missing a trick) as a straight-talking gay grandma who spends the day driving her teenage granddaughter around trying to raise money for her abortion.

Also, Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck comes out on DVD, which means if you missed it the first time round, you can now laugh your socks off at it without even leaving the house.

Also, head down to London’s Union Chapel for a FREE screening of The Snowman as well as a Christmas market with lots and lots of mulled wine. If that doesn’t get you in the Christmas spirit then you’re beyond help.

The Off The Wall Expo To Go To

If you’re up for something really different then check out The Brick Show Live at London’s ExCel centre to see some bonkers Lego creations. Sure, it’s mental, and will probably be overrun with kids (boo, hiss, humbug), but some of the things on show are well worth a double figures liked Instagram snap.

Last year, someone built a 20-foot long replica of the Titanic. What have you ever done with your life that compares to that, eh?

The Festival To Get Arty At

Maverick Expo at London’s The Bargehouse is a celebration of ‘art, music and cinema’ set in the building underneath the OXO Tower. There’s live music, screenings of some of Andy Warhol’s short films (ooOOooh), cocktails, DJs and, most importantly, it’s free. HOORAY.

The Telly To Stay In For


IT’S TIME. FOR THIS. WHOLE SORRY MESS TO BE OVER WITH. It’s the X Factor final! Chances are *X Factor’*s not coming back next year what with ITV buying The Voice and Olly Murs having a three-month long nightmare. So, by tuning in this weekend, you’re actually going to be witnessing a piece of history.

Don’t worry if you haven’t tuned in all season, there’s a limited number of things that can happen and none of them involve Beyoncé showing up and singing with one of the finalists. Those days have set sail. Instead, One Direction will show up, as will Coldplay (really, actually) and one of the contestants will tearfully sing their final song through a cloud of ticker tape while the other ones stand off to the side looking slightly miffed, but safe in the knowledge that they’ll do better in the long run.

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