7 Cheap And Easy Things To Do With Almonds – The Healthiest Nut Of Them All

From almond meatloaf to vegan hot chocolate, here's some things to do with the wunder nut

7 Cheap And Easy Things To Do With Almonds - The Healthiest Nut Of Them All

by Jess Commons |
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Are almonds the healthiest of nuts? All nuts are pretty healthy. Almonds definitely get the best PR though. Because despite them being pretty terrible for the environment, we just can't get enough of them.

Since you're also probably obsessed with them, here's a few things to do with them, other than eat them.

1. Almond Crust Chicken Tenders


Time: 30 minutes

This is basically the same as chicken nuggets. Except like, good for you. So SO LONG MCDONALDS, I won't be coming for you and your naughty chicken bites again.This is so easy. Just get some chicken, roll it in oil, whoosh up some almonds in the food processor and coat the chicken in the almond dust. Then bake for 25 minutes. Shout out to fitness guru Skinny Minnie Moves for the full recipe.

2. Almond Nutella

Time: 10 minutes

Healthy Nutella you say? Yes. It's A Thing. It doesn't taste like nutella but that's because it doesn't have shitloads of sugar in. It does look like nutella though. And taste delicious. It's super simple too. You just need a food processor. Check out the full recipe over at VikaLinka (she 'laughs without fear of the future' apparently).

3. Clean Eating Almond Butter Fudge

Time: 5 minutes

Chocolate Covered Katie here doesn't actually make her own almond butter for this recipe. You can go one step further than her and make your own if you don't fancy shedding out cash for a ready-made pot. She says this recipe serves 8-13 people. We say it serves 1.

4. No Bake Granola Bars

Time: 20 minutes

These are good if you don't want to spend a lot of money of those 'all-natural' cereal bars that look so delicious and turn out to take like hard mush. You can pretty much use any nuts and seeds for these bars, as long as you've got the honey to stick it all together but if you're not very good at improvising check out Domestic Gothess's recipe here.

5. Spicy Thai Almond Dressing

Time: 5 minutes.

Salads can get a bit samey after a while. So can my honey/mustard/balsamic vinegar/olive oil dressing that I have every damn time. If you want to add a new dressing to your repertoire then give Vitamin Sunshine's dressing a go here.

6. Hormone Balancing VeganHot Chocolate

Time: 40 minutes

Hot chocolate is sacred. We get that. If you don't fancy messing with your tried and tested Galaxy hot chocolate powder with hot milk recipe then fine, ignore this one. But, if you are in the market for a healthy hot chocolate then maybe check this one out. Sure it takes a while but if it balances out your hormones.... Full recipe here from Hello Glow.

7. Chickpea Vegan Meatloaf

Time: 1 hour

Standard meatloaf is super gross. Take it from someone who grew up in the America where it's basically a national dish - it's grey, stringy, tasteless and sloppy. Give it a miss at all costs. Unless, that is, it's this banging vegan version. This is juicy, healthy, hearty and yum. Get the full recipe from Connoisseurus Veg (+10 for the name).

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