You Can Watch A Live Stream Of This McDonalds Burger

But why?!

You Can Watch A Live Stream Of This McDonalds Burger

by Lauren Smith |
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If you’re hungover at work right now (sheepishly raises hand), you’re probably dreaming about wolfing down a Maccy D’s burger as soon as 1pm hits. Well maybe that’s me. But it was our Christmas party last night and jagerbombs at 12am are never a good idea.

Anyhoo, if the thought of a Big Mac appeals, riddle me this – would you want to watch a live stream of one, all day? Because now you can, thanks to an Icelandic guy called Hjörtur Smarason. He went to the fast food chain shortly before McDonald’s shut down the country’s three chains in 2009, bought a burger and fries, not to eat, but to keep.

Three years later, he opened the wrapper, and discovered that the meal had barely decomposed. Probably because McDonald’s food is so pumped full of weird artificial shit, those meals will outlive us all, like cockroaches.

Smarason donated his Extra Value meal to Iceland’s National Musuem, and apparently, now the Bus Hostel in Reykjavik has it on display, via a webcam.

It’s still looking exactly the same, tbh, just a bit greyer, and older. Watch below, and be grossed out/amazed.

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