Can You Actually Make Sweet Potato Toast In The Toaster? We Put It To The Test

Pinterest's new favourite hack looks like it might have some problems when you actually put it to the test. How did our sweet potato toast fare?

Can You Actually Make Sweet Potato Toast In The Toaster? We Put It To The Test

by Jess Commons |
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Pinterest is full of wacky, time-saving hacks which promise to make your life better, healthier and more efficient.

All of which is good but how often, in practice, do these hacks actually work?

Remember a few months ago when this lady tried to make a grilled cheese toastie by putting her toaster on it's side which then in turn nearly burned her house down? That was an internet hack that went wrong.

So it was with trepidation then that I decided to try out the latest toaster hack trending on Pinterest, which is toasting sweet potato.

See, what bloggers and pinners are currently claiming is that they've been slicing their sweet potato into toastable slabs, popping them in the toaster and eating them as if it was a slice of Hovis' finest.

But. Does it work?

Short answer - yes!

Slicing the potato lengthways is probably the trickiest bit. Use one of those big cleaver knives to do it and mind your fingers.


When you've got your slices, whack them in the toaster on the highest setting. For me, it took about 12 minutes, but my toaster is shit so yours might take less. Annoyingly you can obviously only do two slices at a time - not ideal for the time taken to actually cook it.

Stop the toaster every now and again to check there aren't sweet, sweet potato juices leaking out into your toaster which will only make it all kinds of sticky.

The outside of my sweet potato toast did start to burn before the inside cooked (see the pic) but again, that might be my shit toaster.

When it's done (when it feels like you can take a bite without losing a tooth), take it out and add your desired topping. I did houmus and red pepper and smashed avocado, lemon and pepper.

It tastes erm, alright! And my toaster isn't ruined. Result.

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