How To Make A Hangover Busting Burrito Bowl For Lunch The Day After The Night Before

If you're going out this week, make this lunch in advance to have ready in the office to fix all your Christmas hangover woes.

How To Make A Hangover Busting Burrito Bowl For Lunch The Day After The Night Before

by Joanne Gould |

Christmas party season is well and truly here and we don’t know about you but after a night on the complimentary sauce (thanks, boss) it’s natural not be feeling 100% fresh the next morning.

Trouble is, you have no option whatsoever than to go in and face the Christmas music – even if everyone did see you getting a bit up close and personal with sexy Tim from digital. You’re going to need an incentive and you’re going to need it quick, so may we suggest this grab and go hangover lunch to ease the pain a tad?

Put a teeny bit of groundwork in the day before your party and you’ll thank us big time later.


Firstly, let’s not kid ourselves: the lunchtime after the night before is no time for paleo. You’re going to need the three main hangover food groups in order to make it through the day, and everyone knows that they are carbs, cheese and meat. Introducing, the DIY burrito bowl. Succulent chargrilled chicken, plenty of strong cheddar, avo, rice, beans and corn. Put it in a wrap if things get really bad. Here’s what you do.


1 chicken breast, ideally skin on

½ avocado

Handful sweetcorn

A bit of lettuce

Handful cooked rice (mine is a Mexican flavoured precooked sachet with beans in too – perfect)

Chargrilled chicken seasoning

Fresh coriander


Cheese – amount to be determined by hangover. I’d call this approximately 2 bottles of champagne and some tequila’s worth.

Corn tortilla wrap (optional)

Tabasco (to take with you – don’t be hasty)

What to do

  1. Shake the chicken seasoning all over the chicken and put it under a preheated grill to cook. Mine took 5 minutes each side. Leave to cool, then slice into good sized chunks.

  2. Shred a bit of lettuce, finely chop some coriander and mix with the sweetcorn.

  3. Grate the cheese.

  4. Slice the avocado and scoop it out of its shell. You’re not eating it until tomorrow, remember, so squeeze the lime over it to keep it fresh and stop it going brown.

  5. Now you’re ready to assemble. In keeping with all the burrito bowls on Instagram, the rules state that you must arrange each component carefully and separately around the bowl. Or, in your case, Tupperware. Do so.

  6. You are completely free to eat this delicious burrito bowl like this in its raw state. Personally, on a hangover I’d bring out the big buns and wrap it all up in a tortilla, so take one with you on top of it all just in case.

  7. Once you’re in the office, you can fold the tortilla into quarters and pop it in the office toaster if you like. Then, pop the cheese on to go all melty, the salady bits and then the chicken and rice (you can even microwave these in extreme circumstances).

  8. If your stomach is up to it, cover the lot in Tabasco. Eat. Feel better.

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