7 Reusable Water Bottles For Literally Every Scenario

Struggling to find a water bottle for running? Or one that keeps your water cool? Here's some reusable water bottles for you.

7 Reusable Water Bottles For Literally Every Scenario

by Jess Commons |
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Can't believe you're still buying bottled water mate. That's verging on a sin that is. Think of the environment! Think of the children! Yes I know our politicians don't but that doesn't mean you can't!

Here's a few water bottles to help you transition away from Evian.

1. If your water MUST BE COLD

Americans have an obesession with having VERY COLD ICE WATER and it's an obsession which is increasingly becoming popular over here. If you are one of these people (and hey, a lady wants what she wants) then check out this Cayman Fitness Insulated water bottle. It keeps cold liquids cold for 24 hours and hot liquids hot for 12. It is heavy so it's definitely one for the backpack carriers. Also, it doesn't get all condensation-y on the outside.


Cayman Fitness, £14.99

2. If you hate water

Don't fall for those adverts for the little squash shots you can add to your water if you're a hating water kind of gal. Those shots are full of sugar and ergo, not all that good for you. Instead, get one of these infuser water bottles. It takes some preparation but there is nothing better than water that's been infused with real life cucumbers overnight. It's literally better than booze.

E-Fast, £3.98

3. If you hate carrying things around

We get it, you've got a small bag and water is an extra thing to chuck in there. Get this robust roll up water bottle that's not going to explode all over your bag like some of it's no-names-mentioned cheaper and less sturdy cousins.

JerryBox, £12.99

4. If you're a runner

Dunno about you but I HATE carrying anything when I'm running and that includes those bloody annoying handheld water bottles that are, ironically, designed just for runners. Instead, consider this magnetic pouch and water bottle that fit just over your waistband. The magnets are powerful enough that it won't come loose and it doesn't have an annoying waistband that rubs on your skin.

Running Buddy H20, £16.50

5. If you never remember to hydrate

If you forget to drink water like a numpty (hey, it's hard, you've got other stuff going on) then go full tech nerd and get yourself this intelligent water bottle which reminds you to drink eight whole times a day. You'll be drinking water like booze in no time.

Our Warm, £21.18

6. If you're a germaphobe

A bit of water that hasn't been filtered from a British tap isn't going to kill you. It's all been filtered in it's own way. But, if you're not down with water from the tap, get yourself a charcoal water filter bottle.

Black + Blum, £14.95

7. If you're a clumsy spiller

Then check out a bottle that's been ergonomically designed to make it super easy to drink from. No accidental wet t-shirt competitions with this guy around thanks to it's 'thread-less' cap.

Kor, £19.99

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