The Best Pre-Made Cocktails And Canned Drinks To Put In Your Picnic Basket

It's time to elevate your picnic basket...

Best Canned Drinks for picnics

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The sun is shining (for now) and picnics are a-go again but this year, we're taking them to the next level. From Instagrammable picnic outfits to lush blankets and personalised tablescapes (yes, really), picnics are going nuclear this year. Of course, the most important thing to pack in your picnic basket is the drinks, and that's where pre-made cocktails and canned drinks come in. What are the best ones to buy this summer?

Well, we’ve done the hard work for you and found the best of the best canned drinks and pre-made cocktails that will improve any picnic. From gin-in-a-tin to craft cocktails to nitrogen-infused lattes, we’ve left no picnic basket behind…

Best for... health-conscious drinkers


This Danish cocktail brand is shaking up the ready-to-drink category in the UK with premium,

Best for... Posting on the 'Gram


Using natural fruit extracts and juices and with no preservatives, artificial sweeteners or

Best for... Matching your picnic-wear


VACAY canned craft pre-made cocktails – available in Moscow Mule, Tom Collins, Paloma and Vodka

Best for... Continuing your lockdown health-kick


Pick up a new wellness routine during Lockdown 3 and want to keep it going during re-entry?

Best for... Kickstarting your day


Made by pairing stone-ground matcha tea leaves with Classics Minor Figures Oat M*lk, the Minor

Best for... Taking on-the-go


If youu2019re sceptical about the idea of wine in a can, donu2019t worry, so were we – until we

Best for... Being the coolest one at the picnic


Thereu2019s loads of gins-in-a-tin out there, but this one is our favourite. LoneWolf gin rose

Best for... Feeling refreshed in the sun


For when the suns getting a bit too hot and you need something refreshing, stat, we recommend

Looking for more inspo? Here's the rest of our favourites...


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The Best Picnic-Ready Canned Drinks1 of 32

White Claw Hard Seltzer

If you're from the US (like me), then you know that White Claw is the hard seltzer. Light, refreshing and available in four amazing flavours (we recommend Black Cherry), we just found you your drink of the summer.

The Best Picnic-Ready Canned Drinks2 of 32

Master Cafe Iced Coffee Mixed Pack

When it's warm outside, drinking hot coffee is not the move – instead, just pop one of these in the fridge, give it a little shake before drinking and you'll have the perfect iced coffee on-the-go.

The Best Picnic-Ready Canned Drinks3 of 32

Dalston's Vodka Rhubarb + Grapefruit Hard Seltzer

Dalston's soft seltzers got our vote for most refreshing, but we haven't forgotten about their hard seltzers either. Made with real fruit and only 3 ingredients, these babies are pretty refreshing, too.

The Best Picnic-Ready Canned Drinks4 of 32

Kopparberg Premium Gin Strawberry & Lime

When you want to take your gin-in-a-tin to the next level, go for Kopparberg's Premium Gin Strawberry & Lime can, he perfect pairing of strawberry and lime gin mixed with lemonade.

The Best Picnic-Ready Canned Drinks5 of 32

Empirical Can 01 + Can 02

Copenhagen-based Empirical is a self-proclaimed 'flavour company' offering two unique pre-made cocktails-in-cans this summer.

The Best Picnic-Ready Canned Drinks6 of 32

Porter's Hippy Fizz

Hippy Fizz is the canned gin-based cocktail from the team behind Porter's Gin featuring patchouli leaf, pineapple shrub, malted passionfruit and hop soda.

The Best Picnic-Ready Canned Drinks7 of 32

El Sueño Paloma

Get your picnic party started the right way with the canned Paloma from El Sueño tequila. Tequila, grapefruit soda and lime – what' s not to like? There's a margarita option, too.

The Best Picnic-Ready Canned Drinks8 of 32

Truly Hard Seltzer

An all-natural alcoholic sparkling water available in two flavours – Black Cherry and Wild Berry – Truly Hard Seltzers are made from refreshing simple ingredients, making them the perfect canned summer drink.

The Best Picnic-Ready Canned Drinks9 of 32

Clean & Press Hard Seltzer Mixed Pack

From the masterminds over at Brewdog comes Clean & Press Hard Seltzers. Using exceptional quality craft vodka distilled at their brewery, these seltzers – available in three flavours – are the perfect light, easy-drinking option this summer.

The Best Picnic-Ready Canned Drinks10 of 32

Two Days Vodka Soda

Inspired by the idea that we should enjoy drinks today and still be able to make the most of tomorrow, Two Days is a range of light and sessional Vodka sodas crafted with a single-measure of British vodka, lightly sparkling water and a squeeze of fruit extract.

The Best Picnic-Ready Canned Drinks11 of 32


Created by an independent LGBTQ+ business and inspired by Pride, LuvJus are the perfect feel-good addition to your picnic basket, available in two flavours: pineapple, mint, jasmine, Korean ginseng and vodka, and blood orange, pomegranate, Korean ginseng and vodka.

The Best Picnic-Ready Canned Drinks12 of 32

Shandy Shack

Perfect for those looking for something a little lighter, Shandy Shack's IPA and Elderflower Lager Top are a lower alcohol option without compromising on taste.

The Best Picnic-Ready Canned Drinks13 of 32

RedLeg Spiced Rum

With two flavours to choose from — RedLeg Spiced Rum with 1886 Cola or RedLeg Pineapple Rum with Ginger Ale — these cans are a must-have in every picnic basket this summer.

The Best Picnic-Ready Canned Drinks14 of 32


Get the mixed pack and try all three delicious flavours: Lemon Brew, Hula and Pink.

The Best Picnic-Ready Canned Drinks15 of 32

Portobello Road Gin and Tonic

It doesn't get any better than this classic G&T, served with award-winning tonic water and delicious London Dry Gin.

The Best Picnic-Ready Canned Drinks16 of 32

High Water Hard Seltzer

High Water hard seltzers are inspired by the water's edge and the Great British Outdoors, which makes them the perfect drink to bring along to the park or beach this summer.

The Best Picnic-Ready Canned Drinks17 of 32

Shake Baby Shake Mixed Pack

Enjoy your favourite cocktails pre-mixed and ready-to-drink, from Passion Fruit Martini to Raspberry Mojito.

The Best Picnic-Ready Canned Drinks18 of 32

All Shook Up Cocktails

From classic cocktails like Espresso Martini and Strawberry Daiquiri to delicious Spritz version like Peach & Lychee and Watermelon & Mint, All Shook Up has an option for every picnic-goer.

The Best Picnic-Ready Canned Drinks19 of 32

Beviamo! Italian Spritz

The perfect sunny weather drink, Beviamo! Italian Spritz combines zesty bitter liqueur, a dash of soda and Italian white wine to bring a taste of the Mediterranean to your picnic.

The Best Picnic-Ready Canned Drinks20 of 32


Mojito, Elderflower Collins, Hawaiian Spritz — Cantails uses meticulously sourced natural ingredients from all over the world to create amazing canned cocktails in 100% recyclable cans.

The Best Picnic-Ready Canned Drinks21 of 32

Gordon’s 0.0% & Tonic

Newly-launched, Gordon's beloved G&T pre-mixed can is back this year with an alcohol-free version, perfect for those on-the-go summer moments.

The Best Picnic-Ready Canned Drinks22 of 32

6 O'Clock Gin Ready To Drink Mixed Case

Fancy yourself a bit on a gin connoisseur? Then you need to try 6 O'Clock Gin's ready-to-drink cans, with flavours including Exotic Orange and Damson and Ginger.

The Best Picnic-Ready Canned Drinks23 of 32

Lowlander Botanical Beers

The chicest option for your picnic basket, Lowlander 0.00% Botanical Beers are brewed with recycled orange and lemon peel from The Netherlands, so not only do they taste good, but they're good for the planet, too.

The Best Picnic-Ready Canned Drinks24 of 32

Topo Chico Hard Seltzer

Newly launched in the UK, Topo Chico Hard Seltzer comes in three delicious flavours: lemon-lime, tropical mango and cherry açai.

The Best Picnic-Ready Canned Drinks25 of 32

Feel Good Drinks

Let us introduce you to Feel Good Drinks, a range of 100% natural, great-tasting sparkling waters with a sustainable mission. With several flavours to choose from, these refreshing drinks will be your new favourite.

The Best Picnic-Ready Canned Drinks26 of 32


We recommend going for the Gerry's mixed pack, which includes a selection of their best flavours, from Watermelon + Mint to Strawberry + Kiwi.

The Best Picnic-Ready Canned Drinks27 of 32

Kopparberg Hard Seltzer

At only 93 calories, Kopparberg Hard Seltzers are the perfect light, refreshing drink to enjoy in the sun.

The Best Picnic-Ready Canned Drinks28 of 32

Arrowtown Drinks

Founded by two brothers and in partnership with Sea Shepherd and Tusk, Arrowtown is your drink of the summer for when you want to enjoy what you're drinking and feel good about your choice. Available in two flavours, Lime & Elderflower and Red Berries, a portion of every sale of these low sugar hard seltzers goes to charity, so you can do your bit just by having a drink.

The Best Picnic-Ready Canned Drinks29 of 32

STRYKKTM Ready to Drink

No alcohol, no sugar, no fat and only 18 calories, but still just as refreshing as a gin and tonic? We'll take it.

The Best Picnic-Ready Canned Drinks30 of 32

DRTY Hard Seltzers

Available in three perfect-for-summer flavours – Raspberry Rosé, Mango Passion and White Citrus – DRTY hard seltzers are made with sparkling water, carb-free alcohol and natural fruit flavours, making them our choice for an on-the-go drink when the sun is shining.

The Best Picnic-Ready Canned Drinks31 of 32

Sipful Drinks

Brunch in the park, anyone? Bet you didn't know you could get Mimosas and Bellinis in a can – life-changing!

The Best Picnic-Ready Canned Drinks32 of 32

Mango, Ginger & Lime Gin & Tonic

They had us at the bright pink can, but these moreish, well-balanced Mango, Ginger and Lime gin-in-a-tin are perfect for when you want something a little extra.

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