The Bar With The Spicy Cocktail That’s Got The Zing Factor

Armed with an inquisitive (read: nosy) nature, we headed to London's newest cocktail bar; Hoxton's Made In The Shade


by Jess Commons |

East London's definitely having a moment cocktail-wise, with new bars opening left, right and centre. But it's the newest kid on the block Made in the Shade that's really got people intrigued. We went down to try it out.

What’s the vibe like? Made In The Shade has only just opened (four weeks and counting!), but it already feels like a well-established local. It’s on the site of Bacchus – the cult restaurant that now lives on as a pop up for Sunday Roasts just down the road at Hoxton Street Studios. The place still looks like a homey old man pub, but the staff are super-attentive and friendly.

When would you go? Any time you fancied showing off about the cool new places you know. Or for a lazy Saturday afternoon (they’ve got big things planned for their beer garden this summer).

**How about the menu? **A lot of fun. Full of quirky takes on classic cocktails. One claims to be an 'espresso martini on steroids, Latin American style.'

What’s the drink to try? For us? It was all about the Stealth Margarita. Tequila, St. Germain, frozen lemon ice cubes and smoked salt and chilli around the side of the glass, which is great for giving your lips a spicy tingle.


Is it a good date spot? Hell’s yes. Not only will it earn you kudos points for discovering a place that – as of yet – only those in the know are aware of, it’s also got a REALLY great game called boozeball, which is basically table football, but with drinks involved. Hours of fun.

What’s the food like? YUM. It’s mostly little sharing plates (except for the burger). We had chicken and sautéed butternut squash served on a parmesan crisp (yep that’s a thing) with a garlic and tarragon mayo and it was DELISH.


Is it worth the cash? Like most London places, it’s not mega cheap (you’re looking at roughly a tenner per drink), but it's definitely worth a visit if you’ve just got paid or fancy something a bit special.

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This article originally appeared on The Debrief.

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