Avocado Lattes Exist, Wait What?

The 'avolatte' is peak hipster and you drink it with your tongue firmly in your cheek

Avocado Lattes

by Arianna Chatzidakis |
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Every week, a different avocado-related food trend is born. We've seen avocado burger buns and frozen pre-sliced avo, and now, we're being blessed with 'avolatte' - the love child of the ubiquitous avocado and the old faithful latte lovechild.

Yes, avocados are taking over the world. We British millennials are obsessed with them: we can't stop talking about them, eating them and photographing them, and we're not alone. The Truman Cafe in Australia has picked up on the popularity of these humble berries (that's right, an avocado is, in fact, a large berry which contains a single seed). The cafe has combined this healthy eating snack with coffee to create a drink that none of us really need, but will probably buy anyway, for Instagram purposes, of course.


This new coffee concept, which has been dubbed 'avolatte', involves scraping the avocado out of its shell, filling it with black coffee, and then pouring hot milk in. You drink this libation with your tongue firmly in your cheek, being careful not to burn the roof of your mouth on the scalding irony as it flows.

Although there is a plus side to using the shell: you won't need to wash up afterwards and you're being very environmentally friendly by using nature's packaging. It's also very cost-effective and, while the Truman Cafe hasn't confirmed the exact price of an avolatte we're sure that this is further proof that millennials are, in fact, a very thrifty bunch. The savings we make on coffee cups can go towards house deposits.

Images courtesy of @trumancafealbertpark

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