Avocado Burger Buns Are A Thing, But They Probably Shouldn’t Be

Without the bread bun is a burger even a burger anymore?

Avocado Burger Buns Are A Thing, But They Probably Shouldn't Be

by Pola Namysl |
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Avocado burgers are great - right? And by avocado burger, let's assume you mean a burger with avocado in the middle, maybe accompanied by some bacon, some cheese, a beef patty. That kind of thing.


Well, you would be wrong my friends, because the latest food trend baffling us all is the avocado burger where the avocado takes the place of the bun, lest we forget that BREAD IS EVIL (we're kidding guys, bread is fine unless you've got an actual gluten intolerance, which most of us probably don't).

Anyway, this latest food monstrosity was made by food blogger and biiiiig avocado fan Colette Dike who goes by the handle @fooddeco. Her Instagram is… something. We can find there Avocado ‘Truffle’, Avocado Ribbons, Pita Pizza with Avocado, Avocado Rose, Avocado Smoothie. I could go on and on, #avocadoeverything?

Admittedly the pictures are gorgeous but how much avocado can one take? Oh and isn't the bun an essential part of the burger? Without the bun is it even a burger anymore? If a tree falls in the woods and no-one's there to see it, does it become an avocado?

I think I’ll just stay with eating guacamole as my one serving of avocado for the day, thanks.

Pictures: @Fooddeco

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