Attention Please: A Bring Your Own Semen Cookery Class Is Now A Thing

Annnnd we were just sick in our mouths

Attention Please: A Bring Your Own Semen Cookery Class Is Now A Thing

by Alyss Bowen |
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A ‘Bring Your Own Semen’ cookery class is opening in London, but there’s one catch - and by catch we mean you have to take your own semen, or you boyfriends. The concept was created by Wanderlust founder, Nelson Sivalinghan, and sex educator (and Debrief contributor) Alix Fox will be on hand to answer questions attendees will doubtlessly have about the related health issues of semen consumption, or the psychology of this as a fetishistic practice.

Alix Fox told The London Economic: ‘While the idea of bringing cum into the kitchen will doubtless appall many people, some individuals find the idea of consuming such an intimate substance an incredible turn-on.’

The course asks you to bring your own semen so participants can create a range of varied starters, mains and deserts. Never did I ever imagine I would be saying the words 'semen' and 'cooking' in the same sentence, but there's a first time for everything, hey! They are asked to bring five teaspoons of their own brand ‘mayonnaise.’ Does anyone else feel sick? I feel bloody gross after that.

Alix even said the students might get the opportunity to ‘whip up a light Victoria Sponge Cake,’ according to The Mirror.

If you would like to create a dish using semen, you can sign up via, there’s even a crowdfunding page of the course. What is this world we live in.

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