Aldi Launches Giant Chocolate Orange Hot Cross Bun

We approve!

Aldi Giant Chocolate Orange Hot Cross Bun

by Daisy Hall |
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As much as we could never grow tired of a regular-flavoured, regular-sized hot cross bun (lightly toasted with butter and seeded raspberry jam, thanks for asking), supermarket brands across the UK have been competing to see if the classic Easter treat could be improved upon.

We’ve had Sainsbury’s Cheddar and Caramelised Onion Chutney Hot Cross Buns, ASDA’s White Chocolate and Cranberry Hot Cross Buns and even the Co-Op’s Masala and Chilli Hot Cross Buns and now Aldi have thrown their hat in the ring by introducing a Giant Chocolate Orange Hot Cross Bun – a variation on last year’s Giant Hot Cross Bun.

Look, we love chocolate oranges and we love hot cross buns – the bigger the better in our eyes – and although we haven’t yet tried their Specially Selected Giant Chocolate Orange Hot Cross Bun (hint hint Aldi), we’ve already given it our full seal of approval.

What’s not to love? According to Aldi themselves, the 'deliciously supersized treat' - which retails at just £3.99 and which measures seven inches in diameter - 'is packed with chocolate chips and candied orange peel, making it the perfect shareable Easter treat.’ Don’t worry, we’re assuming that last part isn’t mandatory – no one can make you share it if you don’t want to!

And if you don’t believe us, why not read some of Twitter’s thoughts on the new treat including one fan who says, ‘Oh my goodness Aldi’s Giant Hot Cross Bun is amazing. I may eat it all in one sitting’ and another individual who wrote, ‘Shout out to the Giant Hot Cross Bun from Aldi’.

Over the years Aldi have introduced multiple twists on the humble hot cross bun with Jaffa Cake-flavoured versions of the treats and even Biscoff-flavoured ones in an attempt to spice up people’s Easter plates. Here’s hoping that their latest invention proves a hit.

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