7 Things To Do With An Egg If It’s All You’ve Got Left

If it's the only thing left in your cupboard tonight, here's what to do with it

7 Things To Do With An Egg If It's All You've Got Left

by Jess Commons |

When the bloody hell do you actually ever have enough stuff in your kitchen cupboards to make a full mid-week meal? Never. Never ever. So, instead, you find yourself doing wildly inefficient journeys to supermarkets that charge £7 for a bag of potatoes in order to try and feed yourself on the one night a week you do make it home in time for tea.

So, to help, we’re bringing you a series of articles that take what you’ve got in your fridge and give you seven different ways to make it into a meal. This week: eggs.

1. A knock-off Leon egg pot – 3 minutes

Leon is excellent as a food source on the first day after pay day when you’re still in that woozy ‘I’ve just won the lottery’ haze that fades very quickly after you fork out £63.50 for a round of drinks for every single person at your booth in the pub.

When the crushing reality that you’re still broke comes into play however, you’re going to need to find other ways to get your Leon fix. This make-at-home Leon egg pot can be done in the microwave, requires four ingredients and takes just three damn minutes. Speedy speedy lemon squeasy.

2. Eggs baked in portabello mushrooms – 20 minutes

This one takes 20 minutes to make and will be the most instagrammable meal you have all week. Just cook your big old mushrooms for five minutes, then crack your eggs in them and bake for another 15. Sprinkle with parsley and you’re up and away. Get the full recipe here from Healthy Recipes. Try it too with avocados.

3. Broccoli, ham, mozarella baked with eggs – 45 minutes

This is gluten-free and low carb, but has got a shit ton of cheese in it, so we can’t exactly class it as super healthy. Although it will be super delicious.

Again it’s a case of just bunging all the ingredients in a dish and baking until tasty. Make with the measurements shown in the recipe on Kayln’s Kitchen and you’ll have enough left over to take to work or uni the next day.

4. Baked spinach and eggs – 25 minutes

You need the right sized dish for this one, otherwise you end up with a lot or baked spinach and eggs which, let’s face it, ain’t gonna look so hot the next day in your lunchbox. For tonight though, this one-dish meal is banging and you literally need feta cheese, eggs and spinach. Check out Manila Spoon for the full recipe.

5. Fluffy scrambled eggs with avocado and feta – 5 minutes

Even YOU know how to make scrambled eggs but, let’s be honest, on their own, they’re a little ‘meh’. These ones with avocado and feta knocking around in them are a healthy alternative to the ones you normally make that taste like ass when they go even a little bit cold. Check out the full recipe on The Iron You.

6. Spinach, mushroom frittata – 20 minutes

Just like a massive sexy omelette. That will last overnight if you want to take some to work or uni the next day. Plus, it’s gluten- and dairy-free and vegetarian, too. Essentially, it’s just a case of frying the bits then pouring the whisked eggs over the top. Simple mate. Full recipe at The Kitchen Magpie.

7. Twice-baked breakfast sweet potatoes – 1 hour

These are paleo. Which is cool because we never really figured out what paleo is, but people seem to love it and we’re being dead trendy eating these. Anyways, they are also a healthy version of those loaded potato skins at TGI Fridays, which were possibly the greatest thing on their menu after the giant bowl cocktails they did. Get the full recipe here on Plaid and Paleo.

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