7 Horrifying Things People Are Doing With Creme Eggs In The Name Of Easter

Avocado and cream egg on toast anyone?

7 Horrifying Things People Are Doing With Creme Eggs In The Name Of Easter

by Zoe Cassell |
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It's Easter YAY spins around in office chair. And Easter means chocolate for breakfast and eating until we're physically sick. Sounds like a party to me.

As it's Easter, you will invetiably have those showy-offy 'friends' on your Facebook doing weird baking stuff with Cadbury Creme Eggs like creme egg brownies and the like. But what they won't be making is the stuff in this list because A) they're gross recipes and B) the people behind them are total monsters. We look at the 7 worst Cadbury Creme Egg recipes out there.

**1. A Cadbury Creme Egg and bacon roll **

Ew, what cretin mixes bacon with a creme egg. Not okay.

2. Cadbury Creme Eggs and avocado on toast

By far the worst. People are genuinely scrambling creme eggs to have with their toast.

**4) Cadbury Creme Egg porridge **

Wrong. Dipping bread in a creme egg is just wrong.

7) Cadbury Creme Egg salad sandwich

I think I've lost faith in humanity.

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