7 Non-Boring, Healthy Things To Do With Pasta

Newsflash guys. Pasta is totally OK to eat again because you're not gluten intolerant.

7 Non-Boring, Healthy Things To Do With Pasta

by Jess Commons |
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Guys. You can eat pasta again. It's written in the stars. The powers that be have spoken. The gluten thing is bullshit. As is the pasta making you fat thing. Here's a few recipes to lure you back to fusilli, bowties, spaghetti and penne.

1. Simple Vegan One Pot Pasta


Time: 20 minutes

This one's still vegan guys so don't panic. And it takes 20 minutes. What's not to love? Get the full recipe her from Crazy Vegan Kitchen.

2. Simple Mushroom Penne With A Walnut Pesto

Time: 20 minutes

I thought these guys were playing fast and loose with the word 'simple' here. But it turns out that as long as you've got a food processor, this is actually easy as anything. Get the full recipe here from Pinch of Yum.

3. One Pot Masala Pasta

Time: 30 minutes

What do you do if you've got Italian food in one hand and Indian food in the other? Put those hands together ladies because we're officially giving you permisison to curry your pasta. Get the full recipe here from Revi's Foodography.

4. Easy Avocado Pasta

Time: 20 minutes

Mate, if you can't make this, you're doing something wrong. It's dead cheap as well. Get the full recipe here from Damn Delicious.

5. Butternut Mac

Time: 50 minutes.

Like mac and cheese, but minus the cheese. So... mac. Get the full recipe here from Veggie Inspired.

6. Spaghetti with Bean Balls

Time: 30 minutes

Like meatballs, but made out of bean. A nice vegan take on the classic dish. Get the full recipe here from Vegan Heaven.

7. Easy Bake Gnocchi With Tomatoes And Mozarella

Time: 30 minutes

Because, when in doubt, whack a bunch of cheese on it and call it a day. Full recipe here from Floating Kitchen.

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