5 Non-Gross Ways To Enjoy Healthy Seaweed

Seaweed is back again as the health food du jour (does it ever stop). Here's how to eat it if you can't handle touching it raw.

5 Non-Gross Ways To Enjoy Healthy Seaweed

by Jess Commons |
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Perhaps it's something to do with the fact that it doesn't look very appetizing. Or perhaps it's something to do with the fact that it tastes like the bottom of the damn ocean and therefore Dory poo, but for some reason, I just can't seem to jump head on into this the second (third?) incarnation of the seaweed trend.

However, seaweed is very good for you. It's full of calcium, and vitiamins A and C. Most importantly though, it's got iodine in which is something that's rarely found in foods. Iodine helps you maintain a healthy thyroid and can help you stop getting weak and tired. Which is nice.

But, if you're not going to eat it straight out of the packet, fresh from the sea (gross), then you're going to have to find other ways to ingest it which, whilst probably not as effective, at least helps tick the mental boxes.

Here's a few ways to get your seaweed fix.

Seaweed Pasta

Seamore I Sea Pasta are literally the cutest. They're a Dutch company and their 'tagliatelle' is actually a type of seaweed that's a near-perfect knockoff of the pasta. Their

is exactly the kind of thing that makes you want to quit your office job and work at a jolly start up.

Anyways, onto the pasta, it's low calorie, antioxidant-rich, vegan, organic and, again, full of iodine. There's loads of tips on how to cook with it on their Instagram.

Alternatively, get it mixed with rice from Merchant Gourmet's new seaweed/rice mix.

Seaweed Popcorn

Yeah mate. This is a thing. And it's being served at new restaurant in East London Absurd Bird as a side and it's mixed with bonito (a fish) and seasame. If you can't get there, then make your own, there's tons of recipes online. Our favourite is this one from blogger Chinese Grandma.


Seaweed Powder

If you really can't bear eating seaweed then buy this powder, a put a pinch of it in your smoothies, on your pasta and in your stews. Get it here.

Seaweed Face Mask

Another option for the seaweed ingester naysayers. This mask (which you've gotta keep in the fridge kids) is made from seaweed, ground almonds, aloe vera. It's got rosemary oil ('regenerative' appazza) and millet flakes for exfoliating. Your face smells a bit fishy but your skin does feel dead soft afterwards.

BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask, Lush

Like a crisp

You know about the little packets of seaweed crisp things from Itsu. They're kind of alright. Alternatively, there's these from Selwyns. Alternatively, make your own with nori sheets. Get the full recipe here from Earthly Delights Blog.

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