3 Super Easy Juices To Make With Your NutriBullet

Just got a Nutribullet for Christmas? Not sure how to use it? Here's what to do.

3 Super Easy Juices To Make With Your Brand New NutriBullet

by Jess Price |
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I can’t help it, I’ll admit it: I’ve turned in to one of those of lycra legging wearing, Hemsley & Hemsley quoting, cacao powder worshipping, goji berry consuming, juicer, extractor and smoothie maker BORES.


In other words, if it ain’t in liquid form, I ain’t interested.

So, if you’ve been lucky enough to be gifted a NutriBullet, then good news, you too can join the smug club. Now, assembling your NutriBullet is the easy bit, but knowing what on earth to put in the thing, (heck, even reading the manual!) can be a bit overwhelming. Do you go for a juice? Smoothie? Soup? Espresso Martini?!

There really are endless weird and wonderful recipes out there. The best bit about it is that you can pretty much literally chuck in anything you like to create your very own mobile vat of goodness in no time at all.

First though, a few basics...

It’s recommended that every NutriBlast (yep that’s an official term for a juice!) follows these basic guidelines:

• Two handfuls of leafy greens (spinach, kale, broccoli)

• 50% fruit (as many varieties as possible)

• Add a boost (ie protein powders, chia/flax/acai seeds and powders)

• Add liquid to the max line (water, coconut water, unsweetened almond milk, etc)

Bit vague?

I thought so too. So here’s a few recipe starters to get you going and a few handy tips along the way.

The best juices for your Nutribullet

1) The Green Juice

We’ve all bought a green smoothie in the hope that it will transform us into an absolute megababe by the time you get to the end of the bottle. But in reality, they often taste a bit like the stuff you find in the bottom of your fridge that you’ve been ignoring for the last three months.

Full of antioxidants, iron, fibre and vitamins (ie good shit), a leafy, green-based smoothie is an excellent way to start the day – even better, greens (as are all fruits!) are super easy to freeze and can be bought frozen, which is a great way to keep costs down and stop you feeling like a terrible human being for throwing away fresh fruit and veg.


• 2 kiwis, peeled and halved

• 1/2 banana, peeled and chopped (fresh or frozen)

• 1 handful of baby spinach

• 2 spoons of Greek yoghurt

• Flax seeds or chia seeds (optional)

• Splash of apple juice

• Water (to the max line)

2) The Bloat-Fighting Juice

Still feeling so bloated you can barely recognise yourself since you actually morphed into a walking, talking Terry’s Chocolate Orange? January – officially the ugliest, flabbiest, driest, most dull month of the year. People seem to get ill just for something to do. So, to beat that blasted bloat and to attempt the start of the whole ‘new year new you’ debacle, try this bad boy recipe full of proteins, fibre and enzymes that will help ease your digestion. Bloat be GONE.


• 2 handfuls of kale

• 2 handfuls of blueberries and/or raspberries (fresh or frozen)

• 2 small handfuls of pineapple or mango (fresh or frozen)

• 2 spoons of Greek yoghurt

• A splash of unsweetened almond milk

• Water (to the max line)

3. The Cheap Juice

Now I know tinned fruit is not nearly as healthy as the fresh stuff and sometimes it looks bit like the plastic food you used to play with as a child in your very own plastic kitchen (oh, those were the days), BUT it’s incredibly cheap and it comes in a delicious sweet syrup that you can add to water as your chosen liquid, which makes the whole thing even more tooty fruity. This ones a zingy one, with lots of vitamin C. Feel free to add some lemon or lime juice for some extra zest.


• 2 handfuls of leafy greens of your choice

• 2 handfuls of raspberries and or strawberries (fresh or frozen)

• 1/2 chopped up banana (fresh or frozen)

• Handful of tinned peaches or tinned pineapple

• Half a peeled orange

• Water (to the max line)

Those are just few ideas for you to get stuck in to, but honestly there are hundreds or thousands of things to try out. So go for it, go nuts! Be that girl who lunges into the office on a Monday morning, sprinting past all the other girls too busy choking on their bagels and downward dog into that handbag of yours to rise like the true champion you are. NutriBullet Trophy in hand.

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