Vagina: A Re-Education By Lynn Enright And Other Books On The Wonder Of Being A Woman

Essential reading for International Women's Day - and also any other day of the year...

Vagina: A Re-Education By Lynn Enright

by Alexandra Heminsley |

It's almost International Women's Day, which is a great time for us to talk about some of the great recent, and brand new books extolling the virtues and wonders of being a woman. From Vagina: A Re-education to My Life On The Road by Gloria Steinem, these books are essential reading this week, or any week of the year.

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The Vagina: a Re-education - Lynn Enright (Atlantic)
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The Vagina: a Re-education - Lynn Enright (Atlantic)

We've almost all got one, yet most of us are discouraged from talking about them for as long as we can remember. This vital, honest and empathetic look at vaginas (and vulvas, and why we muddle the two) is a must read for all of us: not just because there is so much new to learn - from medical facts to social history - but because of its open hearted tone. Where we're so often torn between the stern-aunt tone of an expert telling us how we should be or vague Goopy pseudo-science this is thorough, fascinating and kind...and other books about the wonder of being woman for International Women's Day

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