5 Podcasts To Start Your 2017 Off Right

Because sometimes your ears just want to listen to people who aren't your friends

5 Podcasts To Start Your 2017 Off Right

by Jennifer Lynn |
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The podcast phenom hit fever pitch in 2016, but don't you go thinking it's peaked, oh no. There's still plenty more where Girlboss Radio came from and here are just five of our favourites to kickstart your year.

1. The One That Will Make You Glad You’re Not Dating In New York

New York Magazine’s Sex Lives podcast is hosted by US journo Maureen O’Connor and is an expansion of their written Sex Diaries series, where anonymous New Yorkers document a week in their sex lives – dry spells, dominatrices and all. The podcast is more discursive, with titles including everything from “Testing A Male Sex Doll” to “The Cold, Denying Bitch’s Guide To Texting”. It’s basically a funny and insightful look at how our New York cousins do dating so much better and more brutally than us.

3. The One That Will Make You Feel Less Alone In Your Awkwardness

Everyone's a little bit awkward, right? Like, even that ridiculously beautiful goddess you see on your way to work every day probably thinks she's a total awkward turtle. Enter The Awkward Human Survival Guide, a weekly dose of conversation on everything from poo and "love farts", to pegging and period pants. Thank God for headphones.

Listen here

4. The One For Celebrity Gossip Lovers (That Also Gives Live Advice)

Anna Faris is funny, right? Anna Faris, according to the title of her podcast, is also Unqualified. Specifically, unqualified to give you the relationship advice she regularly dishes out, but she has some truly amazing celebrity friends who pop up on every episode. The beauty of celebrities talking to other celebrities is that they’re waaaay more open than when talking to reporters, so you get to hear things like Isla Fisher saying “balls” a lot and have Allison Janney as an agony aunt. We actually think she missed her calling in life with that one.

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5. The One To Help You Get Better At Everything

Be Amplified is an extension of The Amplify Collective, a community of women brought together by Bri Seeley and Thais Sky, who share their own experiences to try and up-level yours. Podcast guests vary from business coaches to marketing whizzes, helping you get a leg-up on everything from your finances to decision making and being your authentic self.

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