7 Millennial Witches To Follow On Instagram

If ever there was a time to engage with the occult…

Millennial Witches To Follow On Instagram

by Jazmin Kopotsha |

The fascination in witchcraft and the occult is by no means anything new. To varying degrees of knowledge gained through popular culture and some of our favourite TV shows, we’re all somewhat aware of the long fascinating history of witches. But in the last couple of years or so we’ve seen more and more twenty-something women becoming increasingly fascinated in modern witchcraft.

For better or worse, millennial fascination with a subject often translates to a presence on Instagram. #WitchesofInstagram is a huge and familiar hashtag, and while the search results won’t always lead you straight to the pictorial depiction of young women who belong to covens and practice the various types of Wicca regularly, somewhere buried in the 857,534 posts, are some really cool women.

Whether you identify with witchcraft yourself, or fairly new to the whole thing and are just a little bit curious about what being a witch in 2017 looks like, consider this a very basic, entry-level introduction to some of the women (and men) who are doing it at the moment.

1. @ancient_hearts

The Ancient Hearts account is run by a woman in who self-defines as a ‘Witch, Mother, Photographer, Maker, Artist and Forestlover’, according to her accompanying Twitter page. Over on the Ancient Hearts Instagram page, though, you’ll find loads of pictures of the witchy goods and jewellery that she sells over on her Etsy page.

2. @thecraftofthewise

Nixie Marie is based over in California. She’s a Shamanic Artist, Goddess Activist/Coach, Global Moon Priestess, Medium and an Intuitive Healer. Besides the already extensive list of titles, she also hosts the podcast I AM GODDESS COLLECTIVE which is pretty cool.

3. @light_witch

This account is run by Courtney Brooke, a feminist witch in New England over in the States. She posts lots of incredible photography and you can buy prints of them from her online shop too. Expect lots of moody and emotive scenes of woodland and women out and about in nature.

4. @witcheryway

The Witchery Way is technically a store but is run by a practising witch with voodoo influences from Canada. If you’re still on the fence, she believes that believes that everyone’s world can be enhanced by the use of spellwork.

5. @thehoodwitch

The Hoodwitch is another really popular account among millennial women. Pegged as ‘Everyday Magic for the modern mystic’, The Hoodwitch uses her account mainly for ‘visual storytelling’ but Bri, the woman behind the brand, runs an amazing blog with more in-depth information about the movement too.

6. @urbanwitchery

A lady called Katie runs this one, alongside a blog she developed both for people who are already practising or just starting out. Katie describes herself as an urban witch and aims to challenge that old stereotype of ‘the witch in the cottage’. You know the one.

7. @oldeways

This account is run by a guy called Michael Cardenas who describes himself as a Profesisonal Witch. That basically means offering spellwork services and tarot readings in the practical sense, but @thehoodwitch is regular contributor over here and FKA Twigs follows his account too.

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