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Each week, we ask a different woman to talk us through the most curated spot in her house...

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by Arianna Chatzidakis |

Though the clas­sic shelfie still holds un­de­ni­able clout on our so­cial me­dia feeds, re­cently there’s been a def­i­nite shift in the way we’re show­cas­ing our in­te­ri­ors on­line. It’s as if our focus has zoomed out­wards a lit­tle: we're now leaning towards styl­ishly arranged, well put-to­gether cor­ners that grab our at­ten­tion. But are they as ef­fort­less as they ap­pear on our In­sta­gram feeds?

With this in mind, each week we’ll be ask­ing one in­flu­encer to talk us through the most cu­rated spot in their house. For our lat­est Story of a Cor­ner, wellness and emotional health adviser Roxie Nafousi has showed us how she put to­gether her favourite cor­ner of her bedroom...

The Inspiration

dyson air purifier
©Photography: Jonny Storey

I’ve always loved French interiors - I adore that classic, bright vibe with a feminine touch. I’ve always been drawn to homes with that style so I really wanted to incorporate something similar into my flat through my colour scheme. I also always wanted an art wall, which I created using black and white photos by an artist called David Shrigley. I first saw his work at Soho House and remember laughing at his funny drawings. Life should always be full of laughter and I liked the idea that guests would come over and look at the works and have a little chuckle to themselves. I found he was selling loads of postcards and cards online, so I bought some of them, put them into frames and created an art wall.

The Colour Scheme

I'm obsessed with pastel colours, especially dusty pink, which I've added touches of all over the room by accessorising with flowers, jewellery boxes and books. The bright and light colour palette makes me feel so happy - I feel physically light when I’m in the room and I love gazing out of my bedroom window at the incredible view of the London Eye and city landscape.

The Wellness Factor

dyson pure cool me fan
©Photography: Jonny Storey

I spend so much time taking care of my wellbeing - it’s a huge part of my life. I try to fill my body with nutritious food, I exercise regularly and I'm constantly feeding my brain with positive information. While I'm so lucky to live in central London right on the Southbank, I'm really conscious of air pollution and how this may throw my wellbeing off-balance. I light a lot of candles, as well as use deodorant sprays and hairsprays - which I didn’t realise are actually polluting the air in my home. That's why I have the Dyson Pure Cool Me™ purifier on my bedside table, to help make the nearby space where I sleep, wake and rest a cleaner environment. I read that it also captures 99.95% of microscopic allergens and pollutants¹, which improves the quality of air that I breathe when I'm relaxing on my bed. It’s got a cooling fan too which is a huge bonus as I live in a high-rise building where I can’t open the windows very wide, so it often gets very stuffy.

I'm also expecting my first baby, and I plan on placing the Dyson purifier next to the cot - this will give me peace of mind knowing that my newborn will be breathing cleaner air, as opposed to the polluted city air. It fits in so seamlessly with my white colour scheme and interiors - I just love it.

The Personal Touches

dyson air purifier
©Photography: Jonny Storey

I have a lot of personal touches in my bedroom, like the poem in the picture frame on my windowsill. It was written by someone called Jay Raymond who I follow on Instagram. For Christmas last year, my boyfriend sent Jay an Instagram message and shared the story of how we met. He then asked him if he could write a poem for us - it was such a romantic gesture so I always have it on show. I also love having flowers in my house - my friend Alice Strange creates beautiful bouquets which she changes up depending on the season to give my bedroom a new feel. Obviously, flowers produce a lot of pollen, so I rely on my Dyson purifier to help remove it.

As for the record player, it's one of my most treasured items in my home. I love old music as I grew up listening to The Beatles and Marvin Gaye. Now, putting on a good record while I’m cooking in the flat and sipping a glass of wine is one of my favourite things to do. There's just something so romantic about it!


Follow in Roxie's footsteps and discover more about Dyson's air purifier offering, including the Pure Cool Me™, here. You can also head down to the Dyson Demo store in Oxford Street to learn more.

¹Tested to En1822. Particles as small as 0.1 microns.

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