The Perfect Pinterest Boho Bedroom Is No Longer Just a Pipe Dream

It's not as hard as it seems, my friends...

The Pinterest Boho Bedroom Is No Longer a Pipe Dream

by Natalia Bagniewska |
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'Your room is SO pinterest!' Said no one ever. But I wish they would. Especially 'you’re room’s got that boho/pinterest/ hippy California vibe…'. Seems like an unattainable life goal doesn’t it? No more guys. No more. Take a look at the pictures below and get inspired.

1. The Accessories

Pinterest/ TheCollegeTimes
Pinterest/ TheCollegeTimes

All you need is a few crystals-come-candles and a bottle or two (find some local pigeon feathers in a park NEAR YOU).

2. The Paisley Print Bedsheets

Pinterest/ Decoholic

Fall into a psychedelic cloud of a bed at the end of the day. Check out these M&Sones

3. Forget Owning a Cupboard

clothes rail
Pinterest/ RedMagazine

Lets be honest, only adults own cupboards. Make a feature of your rail and clutter. Also, why not make a feature of your shelves?

4. More Accessories

Pinterest/ SoulMakes

You can’t be a faux urban hippy without a dreamcatcher, and those box shelves are perfect for housing all your crystals, trinkets and feathers.

5. A Bed Nook

wall hanging
Pinterest / jillsahner

Nothing is more cosy than making a little den for yourself. Get the ACTUAL wall hanging from his pintrest image here (when does that ever happen?!) and obviously lighting is key. Get some fairy lights(if you don’t already have). Perfect sleepover territory right there.

6. Macrame

Pinterest /

So associated with my Eastern European granny’s flat until about six months ago, now macrame is the flower hanging material du jour. Get it here.

7. Last But Not Least, Soft Furnishings

Pinterest / joannagoddard

A rug is essential

Pinterest /

As many cushions as is feasibly possible, also essential.

There you have it folks. Update your room for the summer why don't you...

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