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Each week, we ask a different woman to talk us through the most curated spot in her house...

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by Katie Rosseinsky |

Though the clas­sic shelfie still holds un­de­ni­able clout on our so­cial me­dia feeds, re­cently there’s been a def­i­nite shift in the way we’re show­cas­ing our in­te­ri­ors on­line. It’s as if our fo­cus has zoomed out­wards a lit­tle: styl­ishly arranged and usu­ally fea­tur­ing some vari­ant of house plant, well put-to­gether cor­ners keep grab­bing our at­ten­tion. But are they as ef­fort­less as they ap­pear on our In­sta­gram feeds?

With this in mind, each week we’ll be ask­ing one in­flu­encer to talk us through the most cu­rated spot in their house. For our lat­est Story of a Cor­ner, fashion stylist and writer Monikh Dale has showed us how she put to­gether her favourite cor­ner of her living room…

The walls

I kept the walls white in the living room as it’s then easier for me to change the vibe quickly with different furniture, vases and flowers. Some prints are leaning against the wall, some are actually up. My favourite is this piece by Thierry Porter; I just love the colour! People normally say how chic this space is; it’s a corner that reflects the current style of my wardrobe at the moment, in a way.


Monikh Dale story of a corner - Grazia

Monikh Dale
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CREDIT: Monikh Dale

Monikh Dale story of a corner
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CREDIT: Monikh Dale

The furniture

I’m leaning towards a more warm and neutral palette at the moment, collecting pieces for my future (bigger) home. I really love the rattan room divider from French Connection and the linen chairs from Soho Home. The mirror coffee table is years old from Next – but it’s something people comment on the most.

The personal touches

Flowers and magazines, I think, are actually key to giving your place personality. A minimal home is the dream, but it still needs to have accents of you to make it homely. Also I think my niche is making small space and corners busy - I love the intimate feeling it gives you.

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