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Modern bedroom

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With Spring well and truly upon us, there's never been a better time to give your bedroom a modern refresh. From clearing clutter to upgrading your bedding and opting for a neutral colour palette, modern bedrooms are all about creating a calming, tranquil sanctuary for you to unwind in after a long day.

There's a stereotype that modern bedrooms have to be, well, boring - think a stark, white space with minimal clutter and possessions - but that certainly isn't the case. As Kate Campbell, founder of Be Brave Interiors, explains, the key to creating a modern bedroom is all about making a space work for you. 'Think cosy, welcoming and homely rather than pristine, neat and "too perfect"'. The bedroom is a space that is reserved for us, and it should represent us in the best possible way, she says.

With so much inspiration out there, it can be hard to know where to start when creating your modern bedroom. Do you go all white or add some colour? How do you add texture? Do you want a minimalist sanctuary, a bohemian retreat or perhaps something more art deco?

We've taken the stress out of interiors by asking the experts for their best modern bedroom ideas for 2024. Read on to discover how to give your space a modern refresh...

1. Keep clutter to a minimum

Modern bedroom ideas

We hate to sound like your mums, but tidy room equals tidy mind. Being a little more organised with your belongings can work wonders on your mental health, while also streamlining your bedroom's aesthetic.

'Chaos and clutter are the antithesis of a modern bedroom. Ensuring your space feels calm and organised is key to a contemporary scheme,' says Rachal Hutcheson, National Retail Manager at Sharps.

2. Choose timeless colours

modern bedroom ideas
Concept of bohemian style interior in cozy flat. Comfortable and vintage apartment with retro design in hygge bedroom. Side view of old fashionable armchair standing near bed and green houseplants ©Getty

While colour trends come and go, experts agree that a neutral hue will always feel modern and on trend. 'If you’re looking at bespoke furniture options to maximise space within a bedroom, choose a colour scheme that blends in seamlessly with your walls to create a chic, stylish look. Opt for timeless colour palettes such as white, grey and cream injected with bolder accent colours to add a rich theme to a space,' says Hutcheson.

3. Add texture

modern bedroom ideas

Ask any interior designer, and they will tell you the importance of incorporating texture into a room. Without it, the space feels a bit flat and boring. When it comes to creating a modern bedroom, experiment by mixing neutral shades, like grey and cream, with textures such as velvet, silk and linen.

'Think also about choosing furniture with textural interest to create a calming and serene space. Nature inspired design features such as wood panelling often break up large furniture pieces and add a stylish warmth to a scheme,' says Hutcheson.

4. Go griege

modern bedroom ideas
Wooden bed in stylish neutral bedroom interior with design furniture, decoration, carpet, bench, dried flowers in vase, bed sheets, blanket, pillows and elegant personal accessories in home decor. ©Getty

Greige paints colours combine classic grey and warm beige, for a timeless neutral shade that is perfect for anywhere in the home - particularly, when it comes to creating a serene bedroom.

'Choosing greige paint in your bedroom is a great option to create a relaxing environment to retreat to each night. Having beige undertones in a bedroom will offer a warmer twist on a classic grey paint, while the grey elements offer something a little more modern and fresher than a classic beige would,' says Sarah Lloyd, Interiors & Paint Expert at Valspar Paint. 'Why not try pairing this with white furniture and crisp, white bed linen to create the perfect space for a tranquil night’s sleep.'

5. Don't feel pressured to match everything

modern bedroom ideas
Vintage floral eiderdown on bed with Fabindia striped pillow cases and 50's cushions. The OKA headboard is painted in Downpipe by Farrow & Ball and the framed prints are by John Piper. The circular mirror is by Graham & Green ©Getty

There is a perception that everything in modern bedrooms has to be matching, and of course, that is what some people look for. However, this is a preference, not a rule - so if you're a fan of bold and bright prints, don't be afraid to clash.

'I’ve never been a fan of a perfectly matching interior, so I’d wholeheartedly encourage you to embrace the mismatch. If you love something, then keep it. If you have a collection of things you love, then it will always be perfect for you, which when it comes to bedrooms is the main factor to a successful space. It’s also great because it means you can move things from room to room - you get a fresh new feel for each room without spending a penny,' says Campbell.

5. Add Panelling

modern bedroom ideas
Stylish interior design of bedroom with modern furnitures, plants and elegant accessories. Shelf above the bed. Beautiful pink and green bed sheets, blankets and pillows. Modern home decor. Template. ©Getty

Panelling has been a key interior trend for the past few years, and it isn't going anywhere for 2024. Adding textured surfaces are perfect for creating a modern, timeless aesthetic, while adding warmth and character to any space.

'For modern bedrooms, painted wall panelling creates a chic back frame for your bed headboard, as well as incorporating more texture into the overall space. Why not try decorating the panelling in a slightly darker shade to your walls and ceilings to make it more of a focal piece, as well as adding warmth and depth,' says Lloyd.

6. Include houseplants

modern bedroom ideas
Wooden bed in loft apartment design, interior of bedroom with empty wall mockup, 3d render ©Getty

House plants are a mainstay of modern interiors, and for good reason. Research has linked houseplants to reduced stress, lower blood pressure and an improved state of mind. Alongside having numerous benefits for our wellbeing, they are the perfect addition for creating a modern bedroom aesthetic.

Bringing the outside in, indoor houseplants are a brilliant way to introduce colour and nature directly into your room. 'When grey is a key part of your bedroom space, there’s no better way to compliment it than with plenty of lush houseplants and greenery. Choose a range of different sized plants to add depth and height to your room, and always go for those varieties with minimal maintenance so that they keep looking lush and green,' says Lloyd.

7. Light it up

modern bedroom ideas
Yellow knot pillow on white bed in bright bedroom with copy space on empty white wall ©Getty

'Bedrooms should be cosy and personality-driven; your bedroom lights will play a significant role in achieving a comforting space you can’t wait to return to at the end of the day,' says Mara Rypacek Miller, Managing Director and Founder at Industville. She recommends installing wall lights on either side of the bed to save space on bedside table, which also function as convenient task lights.

'Alternatively, suspend bedside lights from the ceiling as pendants - this will enhance the decorative style of the room,' she says. 'To achieve a modern look, opt for sleek glass or metal silhouettes. Matching your ceiling lights to your wall lights will create an effortlessly contemporary feel and a subtle sophistication to any bedroom space.'

8. Paint in tranquil colours

modern bedroom ideas

Colour is key when it comes to creating a calming atmosphere in your modern bedroom, so choose your paint wisely. Although white can open up a small space, most interior designers opt for more calming hues, such as blues, greens, and light purples. Darker shades also have benefits, including reducing stimulation and creating a cosy, tranquil atmosphere.

'A coat of paint is an ideal solution when updating a bedroom to create a modern design style. Paint walls in a tranquil hue that sets a restful mood then add a pop of colour to lift the look to the next level – opt for elegant architectural elements such as the picture rail in an eye-catching shade,' says Helen Shaw, Director of Marketing (International) at Benjamin Moore. 'This, paired with matching bedding or accessories brings a professionally ‘designed’ vibe to the scheme and provides a visual anchor for the rest of the space.'

9. Choose natural tones

modern bedroom ideas
Clothes hanging on a hangers near a mirror at home. ©Getty

Earthy colours, such as chocolate browns, moss greens and taupes, are perfect for experimenting with, as they bring warmth to a bedroom while still maintaining a relaxing, modern aesthetic.

'Earthy tones and natural materials will always lend themselves well to a bedroom design. With a calming and peaceful feel, the ‘boho’ look is set to continue to be on trend this year,' says Campbell. 'Whether its a country walk, a stroll on the beach, or just being in fresh air, we can all take inspiration from the feeling we get being in nature, and bring that feeling into our bedroom interior design through calming blues and greens, tan-colours, earthy mustards and even, dare I say it, browns.'

10. Embrace technology

modern bedroom ideas
VIENNA,AUSTRIA - April 4 : Amazon Alexa Echo Plus on a white table with green plants in the background ©Getty

Gadgets in the bedroom is a divisive subject, but if you can't live without your morning Spotify playlist, experts suggest incorporating them in a way that still feels calming and orderly.

'For the techy people who love their gadgets motion sensor lighting or voice -controlled smart speakers. Ensure all wires are concealed to encourage a clutter-free and serene environment,' says Lowe. However, she recommends avoiding TVs in the bedroom, as they 'can detract from the energy and feeling' you are trying to create.

10. Don't fear patterns

modern bedroom ideas
John Lewis 3D flower cushion on bed in bedroom with Snow Tree wallpaper by Colefax and Fowler ©Getty

It can be tempting to strip things back when creating a modern bedroom, but that doesn't mean that pattern lovers can't get their fix of colour. The farmhouse interior trend, which features finishes like natural wood, vintage furniture, and cottage architectural details, is set to get a modern revamp for 2024, with fresh patterns and bolder colours. It's all about modernising, without losing character and charm.

Wallpaper is a good place to start if you want to introduce patterns into your modern bedroom. Instead of wallpapering a feature wall, Campbell recommends embracing the pattern and taking it onto the ceiling. ' I love to put a cloud wallpaper in a top floor room - high in the clouds! Especially a sloping ceiling - there’s just something magical about it,' she adds.

11. Add a statement headboard

modern bedroom ideas

Interior designer and Feng Shui consultant Janine Lowe explains that using the bed and a statement headboard as the focal point gives you the opportunity to then bring together the rest of the room. 'Using colours, luxurious textures and this year particularly placing oversized artwork mounted behind the bed is totally on trend,' she says.

12. Choose natural textures

modern bedroom ideas
Cozy house concept. Vertical photo of comfortable bedroom in boho style interior with pillow and plaid on bed, wooden bench seat, bamboo dressing screen, home decor, wicker basket ©Getty

Lowe explains that, in 2024, naturalism will be a key trend. 'The use of natural materials in the bedroom of wood and woven rattan gives a touch of warmth and texture to the room,' she says, adding to avoid metals as 'they may look minimalistic.' Wicker, rattan and bamboo make a good starting point, while materials such as stone and wood are brilliant insulators, making them perfect for the colder months.

13. Elevate your curtains

modern bedroom ideas
©Garden Trading

Gone are the days when black out curtains were a necessity for getting your little ones to sleep. Lowe explains that, for 2024, black out curtains are back in fashion. And in our wellness-obsessed age, is it any wonder? A 2016 report published by The New World Atlas of Artificial Night Sky Brightness found that around 99% of people living in the US and Europe spend their nights under sky glow - artificial brightness created by street and house lights. Black out curtains area great way of minimising the impact of this light pollution, for a deeper, more restorative nights sleep.

14. Be clever with storage

modern bedroom ideas
London conversion and kitchen extension by architect Alex Michaelis ©Getty

We know that minimal clutter is key to creating a modern bedroom, but the next question is - where to put it all? With more of us than ever living in smaller spaces, savvy storage is key to creating a calming atmosphere.

'Although not everyone can afford customised storage custom-built wardrobes, it is important to utilize every inch of space efficiently with clever storage solutions like pull-out racks, adjustable shelving,' says Lowe. 'Avoid beds with storage underneath the mattress as handy as they are they can in Feng Shui give you an interrupted nights sleep.' She adds Ottomans with hidden storage compartments are coming back on trend for 2024, providing a stylish yet space-saving solution.

15. Add personality

modern bedroom ideas
Rustic refurbished house in teh Umbrian village of Spello ©Getty

Unlike other room in the house, bedrooms are incredibly personal, which makes them the perfect space to showcase your own unique style. Interior design consultant and mentor Aarti Popat explains that adding custom pieces, curated artworks and 'interiors that tell a story' is a great way to inject some personality into the space. She adds that you can 'create a narrative' for your bedroom and other rooms in the house by linking them together through a colour that follows through all the spaces. 'Don't be afraid to go bold with your style decisions and experiment before you settle on your finished look. If you love it, it becomes timeless for you,' she says.

16. Layer it up

modern bedroom ideas
Nottinghill flat with interior design by Stephen Ryan ©Getty

Popat explains that we can layer fabrics and patterns in our bedrooms just as we would do with colour. 'Think about finding 3 different scales of patterns, any more than this and the space will feel haphazard, you can have a really small pattern then a contrast with a larger and then slightly larger pattern - ask for fabric swatches and put them together to see how they flow. Think about how they could be used on pillows, bed linen, throws, window dressing,' she says.

17. Try Quiet Luxury

modern bedroom ideas
Interior of a modern luxury bedroom with garden view. ©Getty

Thanks to the popularity of Succession, the trend for quiet luxury has quickly spilled over from fashion into interiors. Generally, quiet luxury involves an elegant aesthetic, with elevated materials, muted colours and warm hues, making it perfect for a modern bedroom. 'Think quality materials, investment pieces and classic styles, you could buy one timeless sophisticated furniture piece and build your whole room around it,' says Popat.

18. Zone your bedroom

modern bedroom ideas
Low lit, well decorated, cozy B&B bedroom waiting for holiday makers. ©Getty

If you have the space, Popat says it can be a good idea to create different areas within you bedroom that have separate functions. 'Always consider an area for 'down time', for example a reading nook or cosy relaxation area to come away from the busy-ness of life where you intend to go specifically for some down time, perhaps even mindfulness. You can create these using a comfy armchair, pillows and throws,' she says.

What are the best colours for the modern bedroom?

Interior colour trends come and go, but when it comes to your bedroom it's all about finding a shade that you won't tire of too quickly, and instils a feeling of calm and joy whenever you step inside your space. If you're stuck on what colour to choose for your modern bedroom, Janine Lowe has shared a helpful guide with Grazia.

1.    Soft neutrals, whites, creams, beiges promote relaxation and restful sleep.

2.    Blues and greens (sky blue or sage greens) evoke a sense of tranquillity and freshness.

3.    Taupe, Terracotta, Warm Browns create a warmth and closeness to the bedroom.

4.    Soft Pastels (blush pink, soft purples, and light yellows) add a touch of romance.

5.    Deep purples and ruby red add drama and sophistication to the bedroom, which evokes passion.

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