8 Things We Learnt From This Video Of Kate Moss’s House

Yes, she's good at interiors too...

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by Polly Foreman |

Kate Moss has offered a rare glimpse into her breathtaking London home in a new video for Vogue Paris, At Home With Kate Moss And Emanuelle Alt.

In the clip, she shows the renowned Editor-In-Chief around her house and the two discuss their favourite covers Kate has featured on over the years.

Because we're feeling a bit nosy, here are all the take home points about Kate and her house that we learnt from the video:


Inside Kate Moss's home

Kate Moss house
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CREDIT: Vogue Paris

Turns out (shock horror!) Kate has impeccable taste in furnishings. From her sprawling vintage carpets to the chic posters on the walls, she's very much honed her interior design skills.

Kate Moss home
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We spotted at least three. But there's probably more.

And let's not forget perhaps the most wonderful sofa weu2019ve ever seen
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CREDIT: Vogue Paris

As Meryl Streep would say, it's not just blue, it's not turquoise. It's not lapis. It's actually cerulean. And did you know that that blue represents millions of dollars and countless jobs?Miranda Priestly references aside, we confess ourselves obsessed with this sofa. And we cannot stop fantasising about having a Sunday nap upon it.

Kate Moss home
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CREDIT: Vogue Paris

Is it a clock? A statue? A light? We don't know! But we want one in our homes immediately.

Kate Moss home
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CREDIT: Vogue Paris

Gardens like this exist in London? Who knew? It's putting our own 10 foot square weed-filled outside area to shame.

Kate Moss home
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CREDIT: Vogue Paris

Only Kate Moss would have a garden hut complete with front windows and curtains. We approve.

Kate Moss home
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CREDIT: Vogue Paris

And they may be the most adorable canines we've ever seen

Kate Moss
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CREDIT: Vogue Paris

And she's got a fantastic selection. Want to build a Kate-esque houseplant selection without murdering them all? Check out our guide on the most resilient plants you can buy.

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