On How Instagram Illustrations Became The Heartbeat Of The True Millennial Experience

Meet the young women who get what #relatable actually means

Instagram Illustrations Became The Heartbeat Of The True Millennial Experience

by Jazmin Kopotsha |
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On the other side of the Instagram coin, a far cry from the polished, filtered, sponsored surface we’re so frequently reminded isn’t great for our mental health, you’ll find the actual cool kids of social media. A community of people across the world creating double tap-worthy content not from the artfully lit overview of a bowl of impractically decorated food bowls, but the day to day lives of young women. Floating somewhere between meme art and a visual commentary on the millennial experience, Instagram Illustrators know where it’s at.

We live for memes, of course. Most of us can’t go a day without being tagged in one or another by that friend who gets your life better than you do. And while there’ll always be a place for memes (the funny, the ridiculous and the too politically accurate for words) the increasing popularity illustration on Instagram says something a little bit different.

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First and foremost, it seems to be incredible women leading the way through this particular movement. Perhaps it’s a reflection of who I follow and the things I search for, but my Instagram feed is full of beautiful lol worthy drawings by, about or for our generation of women and seem to at long last have opened up the often intimidating space of social media to something far more fun (remember what that is?) and accessible on a far less superficial level than most.

Whether you need to laugh, cry or be reminded that it’s okay, you’re not the only one who thinks life is hard, no one understands and orientating your day around snacks is the most efficient way to operate; Instagram (surprisingly) has your back. These are the bad ass women and their accounts helping to make that happen. Go forth and follow.

1. The Poop Culture, @thepoopculture

2. Mari Andrew, @bymariandrew

3. Julie Houts, @jooleeloren

4. Liana Finck, @lianafinck

5. Frances Cannon, @frances_cannon

6. Polly Nor, @pollynor

7. Robin Eisenberg, @robineisenberg

8. Sonia Lazo, @sonialazo

9. Berta Vallo,@bertavallo

10. Angela Hicks, @angelicahicks

11. Beth Evans, @bethdrawsthings

12. Loryn Brantz, @lorynbratz

13. Camila Ortega, @cremacatalana_

14. Sally Nixon, @sallustration

15. Jessie Cave, @jessiecave

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