Turn Your Rented Flat Into A Pinterest-Worthy Industrial Warehouse

.... Well, almost.

Industrial Pinterest Interiors

by Natalia Bagniewska |

Do you live in a warehouse / converted factory somewhere really urban and hip? No?! Me neither don’t worry about it. But secretly do you kinda wish you did? And do you also know you’ll never be able to afford to, no matter how many inspirational quotes you read about making your dream a reality? Snap. Here are some useful tips on how to turn your pokey rented flat into a hipster’s fantasy…

1. The Copper Angle Poise Lamp

Pinterest / Not On The High Street
Pinterest / Not On The High Street

I mean, it’s a must. This should be the first thing you buy in the warehouse endeavour. Do yourself a favor and buy this one

2. Lockers

Pinterest / Mother Of Pearl 

Less Saved By The Bell more 'oh this old thing? I keep my vintage dresses in there.' There are tonnes online, these are pretty cool and jokes aside, great storage space.

3. The Exposed Brick Wall

brick wall
Pinterest / JMFessy 

I mean, I don’t think you can do warehouse chic without some bricks can you? And it’s also one of the hardest things to explain to your landlord. 'Oh, we WEREN’T allowed to rip off the wallpaper?' Buy this stuff instead, and create a feature wall.

4. Exposed Piping

Pinterest / Leibal 

(Expose everything basically.) Again, hard to find walls you can knock down purely to showcase a cool bit of pipe, why not buy some pipes come pegs instead?

5. Reclaimed Wood Furniture

wood furniture
Pinterest / Bloglovin' 

Check these out, crates = super useful. Can essentially be used for any purpose.

6. Wire Mesh Board

mesh board
Pinterest / Interior Junkie 

Hang one of these guys above your desk and pin all the inspiring pictures/ objects you come across off it.

7. Lighting

Pinterest / Vintage Industrial Style 

Lighting is key! These outdoor hanging lights are amazing and can work in any room.

8. Mustard Yellow

Pinterest / Olive Ray 

Sure we love all the drab industrial stuff but we all need a little bit of color right? Love the idea of a yellow throw, perfect cool color to brighten up all the coppers and silvers and browns…

9. Ladder Shelves

ladder shelf
Pinterest / Emma Haight

Buy one of these and you don’t have to worry about drills and holes through the walls. Display all your cool art books, plants and trinkets and hey presto! Industry chic is yours.

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