What The Hell Is A Happy Planner? And How Do I Make One?

If you missed the bullet journal band wagon…

What The Hell Is A Happy Planner? And How Do I Make One?

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It feels like we’re forever trying to come up with new ways to organise our ever increasingly hectic lives. With a million and one things to be paying attention to, keeping up with and have something low key yet ‘like’ able to Instagram about, it’s no wonder that things like bullet journalsbecame so popular.

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How do I use a Happy Planner?

It’s pretty straight forward but also not. The idea is that you collate all of your ideas, thoughts, plans etc in one place. In the legit, official Happy Planners, most of the pages are arranged by day of the week with allocated areas for writing things like birthday reminders, to-do lists, throw in some stickers, photographs and inspirational quote or quite simply what you did with your day. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason, just a hella lot of stickers and gel pen action.

Are Happy Planners the same as Bullet Journals?

I mean, yes from the perspective that both seem to be born out of the intention to help you get your shit together. If you were on the #BuJo vibe before, the process of Happy Planning won't be all that far removed. There just seems to be a lot more general life reflection and celebration with stickers and photos and stuff along the way. Not to say that bullet journals don't have that sort of thing going on, should you so wish. But Happy Planning doesn't seem to be so systematically based on organising your life by month, week and day.

What should Happy Planners look like?

If you buy one of the official ones, there are almost too many options for what sort of planner you could end up with. There are loads over on Amazon that you can order, as well as different types of sticker kits and page inserts if you're one for mixing and matching. But if you don't want to buy one of the pre-designed ones, it's pretty straight forward to knock one up on your own. It'll just require digging deep for some of those Art Attack skills you learned back in the day, a little patience when it comes to drawing out the grid for your days of the week and of course, lots of fun, whimsicle bits and bobs that make you smile to throw into the mix too. Here are some of our favourites at the moment:

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