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Each week, we ask a different woman to talk us through the most curated spot in her house...

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by Katie Rosseinsky |

Though the classic shelfie still holds undeniable clout on our social media feeds, recently there’s been a definite shift in the way we’re showcasing our interiors online. It’s as if our focus has zoomed outwards a little: stylishly arranged and usually featuring some variant of house plant, well put-together corners keep grabbing our attention. But are they as effortless as they appear on our Instagram feeds?

With this in mind, each week we’ll be asking one influencer to talk us through the most curated spot in their house. For our latest Story of a Corner, Partnership Editions founder Georgia Spray shows us around her living room...

The space

We moved into our Stoke Newington flat last May and one of the clinchers for us was definitely the wood burner which is the centre piece of our living room.

The art

The artwork above it is by a South African, New York-based artist called Richard Hart. We created this screen print in a really collaborative way for Partnership Editions. He usually works in oil paint on canvas so the printing medium was a new ground for him, but this artwork is printed onto muslin cloth to retain his love for texture and fabric. The work is called "Moon" and is part of a series of 4 works that are his response to the elements - "Sun", "Moon", "Earth", "Here Now". I love the way that the work is imbued with symbolism, but it's left to the audience to create their own narrative.

I framed it with Brider and Bull who are an amazing local framing company who really understand the beauty of natural wood. As the artwork is cloth, they had to stitch it onto the backing board and we used a low UV glass to prevent glare from the glass extension to the side of the living room.

Georgia Spray
©Georgia Spray

The furniture

The chair is a vintage Ercol piece that I picked up from Everything but the Dog - an amazing shop on the Chatsworth Road that specialises in mid-century design pieces. I love spending Sundays walking there from my flat, picking up something tasty from the market and browsing all the independent interiors shops there.

The colours

I try to never deliberately create a colour scheme. I just buy things that I like and once they are in my home I love curating them so that they have conversations with each other. It's amazing how the subconscious works - sometimes I step back and look at a room and realise I am obsessed with a very specific shade or orange without even realising. I often find this is the case when I browse my "Saved" posts on Instagram - they are almost colour-coded according to my mood.

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pastel living room interiors inspiration

We're never sure exactly which colours the old adage refers to, but this set up proves that pink and green should definitely be seen together.


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