How To Frida Kahlo Your Flat With A Helping Hand From Pinterest

You’ve been gawping at pictures of beautiful Mexican-inspired interiors too, haven’t you?

How To Frida Kahlo Your Flat With A Helping Hand From Pinterest

by Jazmin Kopotsha |

If there was ever a time to liven up your living space, I'm going to say it's now. Why? Because it's summer, your flat is probably a bit of a tip and, to be honest, any excuse for some interior porn.

We've noticed that there's a particular vibe trending across our Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds, and it's bright, vibrant, fun and really easy to copy. So if you've been gawping at beautiful Mexican-inspired interior photos as often have we have, you're in luck. Here's how to turn your flat into a space even Frida Kahlo would be proud of.

1. The quick fix


The easiest solution to any decorational meltdown is to throw a throw at it. If not a throw, then a couple of tactfully positioned pillows. Inject some fun into the bedroom with a big bold bedspread like this little number.

2. Candle can be fun too


Everyone loves a candle. But it does feel a bit like they're only ever used for boring functional purposes, like giving light and making your room smell nice for a couple of hours. Newsflash: they can look super cool too. Like this, see?

3. If walls could talk


How do you make a statement wall even more of a statement? Give it a photo montage to work with. Bonus points if you find a snazzy rug to direct people towards it.

4. Pimp my succulent


Bags can carry many things. And apparently, that includes cacti. A few of these dotted around the house will give the impression that you've actually thought about the decor for longer than it takes to double tap an Instagram.

5. Bring the outside inside


Well, this is extremely cool. You can buy transferable tile stickers in really pretty designs like this and use them to liven up the most boring of spaces, aka the stairs. Or you could go one step further and take the fun to your bathroom and add a bit of colour to your shower cubical. The possibilities are endless.

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