Flowers and Leaves For Your Home, Inspired by Pinterest

Flowers and foliage for your home... No Cath Kidston or Laura Ashley in sight though - we promise

Flowers and Leaves For Your Home, Inspired by Pintrest

by Natalia Bagniewska |

We're feeling a bit summery in the office so we've decided to check out whats going on with flowers and houseplants on Pinterest...

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1. The Minimal Wall Arrangement

Not actually as hard as it seems to recreate guys. Check out these bad boys on Etsy - all you need to do is pick a weed/flower/leaf from your local park and you’re ready to rumble.


Pintrest: Deko Magazine

2. The Not So Minimal Bed Sheets

This is the best bed sheet collection Ive seen in a long while. Sadly, it’s out of stock on ModCLoth but check out this much cheaper yet equally amazing option from Urban Outfitters.

bed sheets

Pintrest: ModCloth

3. The DIY Art

Get your mates over and have an arts and crafts session! All you have to do is provide some materials (maybe they can bring some too?) and you guys can just create all night! Free art! You can get some cheap art supplies here. Serve up some ice cold beer to get the creative juices flowing.


Pintrest: Shannon Kirsten

4.The Small Touches... Pots n' Pans

This is my dream kitchen people, just in case you were wondering. It brings out the Pole in me. In fact, I'm pretty sure this retro guy from Etsy was once in my grandma’s kitchen. Add in a few tea cloths like this one and you’ve got yourself a Sixties Polish kitchen.

pots and pans

Pintrest: Rhi James

5. The Dreamy Shower Curtain

Jazz up even the grottiest of rented bathrooms with a fun shower curtain. Waking up every morning to this would make me super chirpy.

shower curtain

Pintrest: Urban Outfitters

6. The IRL Flower Curtain

Pretty sure this is east to make, though don’t quote me on that one. Find yourself a stick (lol), some string and maybe use fake flowers like these? It’ll last longer. If you’re doing it for an event though you may as well go fresh

flower curtain

Pintrest: Domino Magazine

7. The Minimal Jar Arrangement

Ah jars, where would Pinterest/ we be without them? This is probably the easiest thing you’ll ever do and potentially the most effective. Ask your local florist / plant shop if they have any cuts of plants they won’t be using.


Pintrest: Costes Fashion

8. The Retro Art Print

Why not make a unique poster by investing in some old magazines. Trawl through eBay for some incredible covers.

art print

Pintrest: They All Hate Us

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