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We dissect the most Instagrammable corner of one woman's house...

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Though the classic shelfie still holds undeniable clout on our social media feeds, recently there’s been a definite shift in the way we’re showcasing our interiors online. It’s as if our focus has zoomed outwards a little: stylishly arranged and usually featuring some variant of house plant, well put-together corners keep grabbing our attention. But are they as effortless as they appear on our Instagram feeds?

With this in mind, each week we’ll be asking one influencer to talk us through the most curated spot in their house. For our latest Story of a Corner, founder Lisa Mehdeyne has showed us around her favourite spot in her living room...

The space

This is my favourite corner in my house, as it’s my view from my sofa! It’s such a cosy spot, particularly in Autumn/winter when the vintage floral fireguard (found at an antique market) is pushed to one side and we get the fire going. As a basket lover, we store fire kindling in the vintage Portuguese fishing basket alongside the fire and logs in another basket just out of shot. The wall alongside the fireplace has a mix of art, and the apothecary cabinet is one of my favourite pieces in the whole house, and rather handily hides a lot of ‘stuff’.

The mantelpiece

I like a busy mantelpiece, but I do curate it and change it around often to maintain interest and stop me getting bored. There’s always a mix of candles, artwork, books and flowers. My favourite pieces currently on there are the Astier de Villatte white vase, Susannah Garrod Leopard candle shades and the Edit58 Tamegroute candlesticks. Combined with postcards from friends or picked up in art galleries and other little knick-knacks, I hope this corner feels homely and personal.

Lisa Mehdeyne edit58
©Lisa Mehdeyne

On the table

On the coffee table I keep my newest magazines and interiors books so I can dip in and out of them easily. The Tamegroute green jug atop the books is a favourite and has dried Hydrangea heads in from my garden. I’m not known for being green fingered, so dried flowers work for me! I love the colours combined with the glaze of the jug.

The furnishings

Obviously, as a rug addict, I have one in this area and also an Edit58 vintage Berber blanket cushion, to help soften the ‘France & Son’ Danish chair (sourced on eBay) and provide a shot of pink (my favourite colour).

The colour

The walls are painted in Little Green Company's ‘French grey mid’ which is a great neutral shade to allow all the other elements in the room to ‘pop’.

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