15 Films To Watch This Weekend That Give Us Interiors Goals

I miss changing rooms. Laurence Llewelyn Bowen forever.

15 Films To Watch This Weekend That Give Us Interiors Goals

by Charlie Gowans-Eglinton |

If you thought that painting your bedroom dark green and hanging little chilli pepper lights all over it was edgy (and a bit oppressive), then try living in a shell.

1. Doctor Dolittle

I was so fucking obsessed with this as a kid. If you have not seen this weird-and-great-and-a-bit-sexist musical from 1967 then you may not realise that they are living inside the shell of a giant sea snail. Note the pink net curtains that mark the pointy bit as the boudoir.


2. Edward Scissorhands

So good, though. I would totally let her cut my hair. Plus, there’s a timely lesson in festive decorating to be had here.

Edward scissorhand

3. Ghost World

OK, so Steve Buscemi might not be selling it, but this living room is actually super cool and reminds me that I need to hang up some pictures.

ghost world

4. The Royal Tenenbaums

Obviously, Wes Anderson is all over this. The man’s a genius. He would never let Buscemi leave his pictures all willy-nilly on the floor like that. He’d do this instead.

The Royal Tenenbaums
15 Films To Watch This Weekend That Give Us Interiors Goals

5. Neverending Story

The childlike empress giving great tiara here, and inspiring room envy. Admittedly it looks quite sparse in there, but her bed is round, and there are steps up to it, so I’ll forgive the absence of a floor lamp. Isn’t that a funny thing to call it? Floor lamp. Say what you see.


6. Return to Oz

This might be why I developed such a deep love of knick knacks, which basically means clutter. Dibs on the jewelled peacock.


7. Swiss Family Robinson

Tree house!


8. Marie Antoinette

Thank you, Sofia Coppola, for making my life look shabby and grey and underdecorated. I want a fucking macaron.


9. The Science of Sleep

This is like the chic version of when there’s a monsoon inside the house in Jumanji.


10. The Heathers

You just don’t see enough pleated headboards these days.


11. Romeo And Juliet

No, but seriously, never leave a candle burning when you go to sleep. That’s just commonsense.


12. Clueless

Whoever invented those hoverboard-whatevers should be putting their time to good use and making this reality.


13. Hotel Chevalier

I always wanted to be the yellow Power Ranger.


14. Casino Royale

I kind of just assumed that when I grew up I would wear marabou-trimmed robes. I’m not sure what happened, but I feel a little short-changed.


15. Richie Rich

He has a McDonald’s in his house.


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