These Are The World’s Most Expensive Colouring Pencils

We like colouring in as much as the next person, but this takes the biscuit


by Debrief Staff |

If you spent all your pocket money on colouring in books last year, look away now, because these colouring pencils will be too much for you to deal with.

They’re on sale in the Museum of Modern Art’s design store, and they come in a big flamboyant box called the KARLBOX after its creator; Chanel’s creative director and fashion industry icon Karl Largerfeld. Who else could charge $2845 for colouring pencils? (For context that’s £2342, or 4 months rent, or, you know, two epic holidays…)

Having said that, despite being hideously expensive, the set does look ridiculously, ridiculously cool. It contains 350 ‘tools’ varying from colouring pencils to crayons to pastels and it comes in a huge Largerfeld emblazoned box. The box is even labelled according to colour, so no more getting your yellows and your greens in a muddle.

Basically, think of the satisfaction you get buying normal stationary - then times it by a million.

The 83-year-old fashion designer is used to creating things that sell for thousands of pounds. But the only difference is - clothes don’t get smaller with use. We’re not sure even the most loaded, hardcore-colour-inner Karl fans could justify this one.

If you do have a spare few grand lying around you can joint the waiting list now and pre-order the set for the end of October. Or you can just get some normal ones for 54p.

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